Love Me 'Til My Last Breath

By: Shelli Marie & Marina J

King of Chicago


(Marina J)

I first want to give a major shout out to Ms. Shelli Marie for collaborating with me on this project. You have always been an inspiration to me and it has been an honor to be able to work with you.

Thanks to Leo Sullivan for giving us the opportunity! Much Love!

As always, I have to thank my team ZitrO Publications. Divine and Nkki Ortiz you guys are the best! This year we are going to rock the literary world….they ain’t ready. Lol.

To my girls Jerrona and Rachel, we have been through the fire and we have come out unscathed. That just goes to show you that not even the devil could deter us. I love you guys.

Let me not forget my babies, the Super Six. Mommy loves you guys and everything I do; I do it for you all.

To all the readers who continue to support me, it is very, very much appreciated and I will continue to thank each and every one of y’all every chance I get. I now turn things over to my wonderful co-writer.

Thanks for supporting Marina J!


(Shelli Marie)

To God Almighty I give the glory!

To Leo Sullivan: Thanks for this opportunity to work with you once again. Much Love & It don’t stop!

To my family support team:

Jeremy, Jessica, Danielle, and Vassie Jr.

Thanks for all of your encouragement. I love you!

To the rest of the Dishman Klan: Jennifer Dishman, Kim Dishman, Marlo and Devin Dishman,

Daddy and Genora Dishman. I love you all dearly!

To Marina J, I am once again honored that you chose me to do another book with you, especially after I enjoyed writing the first one. I wish you nothing but the best Chica! Nothing but LOVE! Always Sis!

To my extended support team: Special Thanks to My Bae (JC/Jon Criss), Sheila James, Teruka B, TonYelle Reese-Britt, Alexys Price, JeaNida Luckie-Weatherall, Tiarra Neely, Lakeisha Holmes, Denise Henson, Junanya Shiel, thanks for the encouragement and also for always showing me LOVE!!

Thanks for supporting Shelli Marie


(Marina J)

This book is dedicated to all my readers. If it were not for all of you then I would not be able to do any of this. You guys ROCK!


(Shelli Marie)

Marina J, this is for you Sis! Thanks for allowing me to help you share your amazing story! For that, I am grateful…

Nothing but LOVE… Always


Amon Rivers was born on a cold December day in 1982, Christmas day to be exact. That was how Naida knew her son would be special. She told anybody who would listen that he was a gift from God himself seeing as they shared the same birthday. His IQ and genuine curiosity were what made him so unique. His natural ability to do certain things let his mother know that he would be a leader someday. She just did not know how true that would be.

Amon was a very intelligent child. He was so smart that his mother allowed the school to test him. Surprising everyone, his results exceeded even the highest of scores. Yes, he was a real life genius… His smarts were immediately compared to that of a well-known African American by the name of Lonnie Johnson. He was definitely gifted.

School was a breeze for Amon and before you knew it, he had finished high school and he was only twelve years old. There were newspaper articles and everything about the kid genius. People were trying to recruit him for college and everything but when his mom, Naida, asked Amon what he wanted to do, he replied with a simple answer. “I just wanna be a kid mom.”



Amon Rivers

I was thirteen years old and getting real antsy. I wasn’t like other kids. I was a certified mastermind. School was so easy that they wound up testing me up each year. Before I knew it, I was taking my high school exams. Shortly after that, I received my diploma. Yep, ya boy was a high school graduate before I even hit my teenage years.

Once I completed that shit, I pretty much could do whatever I wanted. At that time, college was the last thing on my mind. I was tired of that school shit.

My mom always told me that if I had made it all the way through high school and graduated then she had done her job. I guess she didn’t expect me to do that shit at such an early age.

With nothing to do during the day but hang out, I became familiar with the guys in my neighborhood and soon enough I was teaching the local dope boys how to capitalize on their shit. They were some sloppy motherfuckers for real. Some of them were cool taking words from a kid like me but others tried to clown me because they thought I was bullshitting about my accomplishments.

Also By Shelli Marie & Marina J

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