Love and a Thug 3: The Finale

By: Ms. Brii

Love and a Thug 3: The Finale

Ride for a Hitta

Chapter One

Asia woke up in her bed, completely naked. She turned over and Truth wasn’t there. She opened her eyes and felt a banging headache approaching then closed them back. She had to be at work in the next few hours but wasn’t feeling up to it. She thought about canceling her work day but remembered that she had a “major” client today. He claimed to be a “big spender” and insisted that only she showed him houses. Asia was shocked but humbled that somebody must’ve spoke so highly that this new client only wanted her.

The aroma of bacon hit her nose and she knew she wasn’t home alone. She also heard Talia’s small voice running around downstairs. She sat up in bed and a rush of nausea hit her. Asia immediately ran to their adjoined bathroom and bent over the toilet. Nothing was coming up or out. She continued to dry heave until slimy green liquid came up. She stared at what she believed was the drinks she had at Club 8 last night. The head ache she started off with came back and her stomach was killing her. All of a sudden, she was hot and broke out in a sweat.

“Baby I got breakfast for you. Asia…where you at, ma?” Truth walked into the bedroom with a tray of food. He went into their walk-in closet, thinking she was getting ready for work. He heard coughing coming from the bathroom and walked in to her naked body lying on the cold floor. It was the only thing that soothed her hot, sweaty body. She laid there coughing and shivering repeatedly.

“You aight, mama?” Truth rushed to her side. He pulled her into his arms and she clung to him. “You want to go to the doctor?” He felt her neck and head; it was still hot.

“It’s just a little hangover. I’ll be okay. What time is it? I got to get ready for work.” She looked up at the clock on the wall, above the toilet. Her showing wasn’t until two in the afternoon. Truth scooped her up and carried her into the bedroom.

She looked at the beautiful spread he had set up. It was a plate full of eggs, bacon and cinnamon pancakes. The display was appetizing, but the smell wasn’t cooperating with her senses. She jumped out of his arms and ran back into the bathroom to eject the vomit that threatened to come up. Once again, she was dry heaving with her head in the toilet. Truth was right there, knelt down, rubbing her back.

“Baby maybe you shouldn’t go in today. You deserve to lie in bed anyway. You work so hard. That’s probably why you’re not feeling it today.” If he had it his way, Asia wouldn’t be working. She would be spending his money.

“No babe, I have to go. I can rest later. I just need some saltine crackers and water.” He didn’t argue with her, just followed the request. Even though she knew he was right, she couldn’t. She was looking forward to this showing. Asia already knew what properties she was going to show him.

After drinking the water and eating the crackers, she felt a little better. An hour later, she was dressed in an all-black Kate Spade pants suit, a red blouse, and nude, red bottoms with her hair resting neatly on her shoulders. She quickly grabbed her brief case and a banana on her way out. The crisp air gave her a little more life to carry out her day. It was fall in Chicago and the grounds were clear and the leaves on the trees were changing colors. This was her favorite time of the year. The holidays were passing through and she looked forward to spending them with her favorite people.

Truth and Talia came out the house dressed in the same colors and shoes. They were wearing blue and white polo shirts, khaki joggers with blue and white Jordan 7’s. They both wore their hair in ponytails with sunglasses on top of their heads. Asia took a picture and saved it as her screen saver. She smiled at her babies then gave them both kisses. They were having a father, daughter day. She knew Talia was going to wear him out. She smirked because poor Truth didn’t know what he was in for.

“I love you, Ajee!” Talia waved her little hand as Asia drove away. Truth’s heart tightened and he smiled. That was the first time he ever heard Talia say that. That was all he needed to know; his baby girl loved his woman.

Chapter Two

“Hello, welcome to Pretty Lady. How can I help you?” Sade greeted the person who entered with a big bouquet of red roses. She was in the middle of flat ironing her client’s hair while Leah was in the back, going over the books.

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