Love in Motion (Disclosure #3)

By: R.E. Hunter

This story belongs to my amazing readers, who have embraced this series and loved these characters, and who never miss the opportunity to remind me they’d like just a little bit more. You’ll never know how much it truly means to me! Love you hard!


I push through the hoards of people, past the ringing bells of the Salvation Army Santas, and make my way into Penn Station, Brett following closely behind.

"Babe, wait up," he calls, dragging our bags along. His cheeks are flushed from the biting cold, and he stops, rubbing his hands together to warm up. I want nothing more than to fall into his arms, to let him warm and comfort me, but I’m too pissed off at him right now.

"I wouldn't be rushing if you hadn't talked me into this crazy trip." My tone is harsher than I mean it to be, but my life is the definition of stress right now.

"Come on,” he says, his tone appeasing. He saunters up beside me and wraps his arm around my shoulders. I thaw slightly at his nearness. "What's more romantic than a cross-country train ride?" Warm fuzzies gone.

He drops a kiss on the side of my head and smiles that crooked smile, and I want to slap it off his face. That stupid, beautiful, manipulative fucking smile is why I'm fighting through a sea of cranky New Yorkers during prime tourist season trying to find our train five days before our wedding.

“Remind me again why you wanted to take a cross-country train to our wedding.” And remind me why I said yes.

“It’s my one thing.”

“Right.” His one thing. I pull away and start walking again, searching for the information board.

When Brett and I got engaged, my older brother, Preston, gave him some genius advice. The wedding is for your girl. Let her have it. Pick one thing that means something to you, something that you really want, and fight for it. But the rest—to keep her happy and to keep you sane—just give her what she wants.

I’m a big fan of this advice. Huge. Who doesn’t like getting what they want? Brett and I planned a beautiful winter wedding at my family’s cabin on Lake Tahoe in California with little to no disagreement since he was pretty much on board for whatever I decided. So when my amazing, sweet, sexy-as-all-hell fiancé told me his one thing—and it wasn’t an extra hour of open bar at the wedding, or a hall pass for his bachelor party—but it was to travel from sea-to-fucking-shining-sea by train, what was I supposed to do? When he sat me down and trained those deep, soulful brown eyes on me, smiled his gorgeous gets-me-every-time smile, and told me that ever since he was a little boy, he’d wanted to make this trip because his grandparents had done it for their wedding and it was somewhat of a family tradition, and he couldn’t think of a more perfect time to do that than with me on the way to our wedding, how could I say no?

Well, I did. I tried like hell to talk him out of it. I went through all five stages of grief—I might still be struggling with acceptance—and lingered a bit too long on bargaining. I’m not entirely proud of myself. I might have frightened him with a few of my offers, but who wants to be crammed on a train with a bunch of crazy strangers for three days and two nights right before their wedding?

So much mystery and intrigue, he said. You never know who you're gonna meet.

Yeah. You never know. And you don’t want to know. Which is why my ass would rather be parked in first class, enjoying a nice relaxing flight to California, where I can order small bottles of forgetfulness if I don't want to deal with the stranger seated next to me. But on a train you're ... stuck.

I find the waiting area and crane my neck at the digital board hanging from the ceiling.

“See? No platform yet. We’ve got plenty of time,” Brett observes, rolling the luggage up next to me.

Thank you, Captain Obvious. I fight the urge to roll my eyes, and blow out a breath instead. God, why am I so bitchy right now? I love him, I really do. There is not a single person in the world that could be more perfect for me than Brett Parker. Honestly. I agreed to this trip because I love him, and because it’ll make him happy. And more than anything, he deserves that—and I want to give it to him—always. But that was before reality set in. Before I realized that we’re getting married in less than a week, and we’ll be spending three of the next five days before our wedding stuck on a train with no Wi-Fi and bad cell service.

He tugs on my sweater, turning me to face him, and pulls me into his chest. “Stop worrying, babe.” His sturdy arms surround me and I relax against him. “It’s gonna be great, I promise.”

I glance up at him, biting my cheek and holding back the snark. “You think I haven’t read Murder on the Orient Express? I know all about what happens on trains.”

He chuckles and the deep sound vibrates through me, kicking my heart rate up a notch.

"Come on, those are mysteries. We're writing our own story.” He drops his head, and his lips brush the cuff of my ear as he whispers, “We can join the Mile High Club.”

I bury my face in his chest and start to giggle. At least he's pretty. "Brett, we'll be on the ground the entire time."

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