Lusting Lamont

By: Madame Ohhh

(Say My Name Book 1)

Chapter 1

Kayla Graham studied the latest report from her quarterly sales. She was doing better than expected. But she needed to do more. She was in second place on her team, not bad for someone who had only been at the company for a little over three months. After her last job, she vowed she would never work for anyone again. She had moved back to Dallas and received her real estate license within a couple of months. After she closed a pending deal on Friday, all she needed was one more to beat out the agent in first place.

On top of selling high-end real estate, she was hoping her love life would reap some rewards too. Tonight her married friends Steve and Yolanda were playing matchmaker. They had invited her to dinner to meet his coworker, a guy who he was certain she would like. All week she had been trying to get details from Yolanda about the guy, but Steve wouldn’t budge. Since Kayla trusted them, she decided to roll with it. Worse case scenario, she could have a good time. Or maybe even secure a booty call. It wasn’t what she wanted, but she didn’t have time for much more. She needed the freedom of being single combined with great sex. She wanted her physical needs met. And she'd had a lot of them. Masturbating with her personal massager was becoming mundane. It seemed to be the only thing that she get a release from. She loved to fantasize, usually it was about some hunky sex symbol. Idris Elba was her favorite. She could get off on her own accord and not have to deal with any emotional aftermath. Who needed a man when there were six different functions to make you climax?

Hell, she did. There was nothing like the feel of a rock hard penis stroking, warm hands caressing, and soft lips kissing from a to z, and everywhere between. The feel of a man’s lips on every inch of her body, the taste of his sweat dripping on her lips. She missed that. Almost as much as she missed him.

He was Lamont Reed. Kayla’s sexual equal and emotional opposite. Where Kayla was passionate and filled with fire, Lamont was laid back, quiet and gentle. Somehow they managed to connect intimately and bring out the sexual best in each other. Standing a full six feet with a slender athletic build, Lamont caught Kayla's eye immediately. Little did she know, he had been watching her too. He was working for a pharmaceutical company when they met at a party. Kayla had just ended a relationship and Lamont was on the rebound too. They shared strong chemistry and agreed to abide by the post-breakup rules: no relationship talk, no emotions, and no drama. Steamy sex, however, was always acceptable.

For nearly two years they gave new meaning to the word fling, engaging in passionate, risqué sex whenever and wherever they could. Occasionally they traveled together and had dinner, or simply laid up to enjoyed one another’s company. Beyond that, there were no expectations. Both were searching for gratification only the other one could give. Their intense connection terrified Kayla, so she did what she always did when someone got close. She ran.

Chapter 2

As a child, Kayla had always been at war with her emotions. She was a tomboy who would much rather destroy than build. She liked things hard. Easy bored her. Challenges turned her on—as long as they weren’t too complicated. Falling in love was complicated. She deemed it an unnecessary evil, a task for silly girls who had aspirations of being tied down. The thought of becoming one of those lucid women who browsed the aisles at Target in search of thrills only swiping a credit card could provide, made her nauseous. Why did she have to become a man's possession? Controlled or being told what to do just because he had a penis? She wasn’t up for that. Why couldn’t there just be great sex and romance?

Things with Lamont had been perfect until he started catching feelings. When he gifted her with an expensive diamond bracelet for her birthday, she knew he was falling. Before that, all he did was talk about how great things were between them and how he didn't want to screw it up. Then he had to go and get all emotional! Uugh! Kayla was into him, but she had suppressed her feelings so she wouldn’t subject herself to rejection if it didn’t work out. She had been in too many relationships that ended in heartbreak with her clutching her pillow and crying her eyes out. After the last fiasco, she vowed to never let it happen again. Having dinner with her good friends tonight was taking a huge risk. They were trying to play matchmaker and she wasn’t exactly gung-ho about the idea. The main reason she was going was because her friend told her that her husband’s buddy was looking for a house. Dinner could help her secure him as a client since he wasn’t working with an agent, and that could help her get that sale she needed to be number one. Kayla was looking at the evening as a business opportunity, nothing more.

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