Marrying A Cowboy(10)

By: Tyra Brown

She turned and looked out the window. What she saw made her sit straight up in the booth and sent an electric charge through her body. It was a man. He was well over six feet. He was wearing boots, blue Wranglers, a white button-down shirt, and a ten-gallon hat. Everything about him seemed so exotic. Monica had only seen men who looked like that on television, never in real life. And she would never have believed that such men actually existed. But here he was, coming into the diner. Monica began to feel tingly all over. She saw attractive men in New York everyday of her life but she couldn’t remember the last time that a man had made her feel like this. She quickly pulled out her mirror, reapplied her lipstick, and put her hair into place. She only wished that she had put more thought into her outfit—flats, black leggings, and a t-shirt definitely didn’t do her curvy body justice. There was no time to worry about that. She just wanted to make eye contact and see where things went from there.

She had a clear view of the cowboy as he entered the diner and pulled off his hat. She was not disappointed by his full head of blond hair. The waitress greeted him and led him to a table. He greeted some people and shook a few hands. So he’s a regular, Monica thought. Interesting. He was coming right towards her. Even though her eyes were locked on him, he hadn’t noticed her yet. Please just look this way, look this way, she said under her breath, desperate to feel the energy emanating from his gaze. As he came within a few feet of Monica’s table, the cowboy finally seemed to notice her. She noticed that despite his smiling face, there was something sad and melancholy, maybe even poetic in his eyes. But when he caught sight of her, his eyes seemed to brighten a bit. She blushed and lowered her head. When she looked up, he had already walked by her. Her whole body tingled with excitement. She wondered if all the men out here were as sexy as the blond cowboy. But one look around the diner supplied her the answer to that question. No, he was definitely one of a kind.

She was completely full and she knew that she wouldn’t be able to eat anymore but she had no desire to leave the diner. None at all. She would wait there until her dreamy, blond cowboy finished his meal. There was no need to rush back to the house. Billy and his assistants would be sleeping for at least another few hours. Where had this man come from? It was as if he had walked out of a dream and right into her life. She knew that if she let him get away without speaking to him, she would never forgive herself. There was no way that she would let that happen. But then she was struck suddenly by doubts and insecurities. What would a guy like that want to do with a girl like her? Maybe she was just setting herself up to be disappointed. If she was back in New York, she would have had no problem coming up with a pretext to start a conversation with him. But she was a long way from home and she wasn’t sure how men and women were supposed to interact out here in the west.

“Are you sure you want another cup of coffee, honey? Haven’t you already had five?”

Monica could feel her hands becoming jittery and her heart rate beginning to pick up. She wasn’t sure whether that was because of the strong desire she felt towards the cowboy or it was all the caffeine that she kept drinking. The refills were free and she needed any excuse to remain in the booth until the cowboy left.

Without thinking about it, Monica turned around and looked towards the cowboy’s booth. He wiped his mouth and took a sip from a soda.

“I suggest that you stay away from that one, honey. I think he’s a little bit out of your league. But don’t feel bad, he’s out of mine as well.” It took Monica a few moments to realize that the waitress had caught her staring at the cowboy.

“Excuse me,” she said. “Were you saying something?”

“I was just commenting on that handsome cowboy that you were batting your lashes at.”

Monica was offended with how presumptuous the waitress was being. Out of her league? How did this bleach blonde, middle-aged waitress know anything about her league? If she was back home, she may have made something of those comments and pushed back against them. But she realized that she was far from home and she needed to be a bit more discreet. So instead of arguing, she figured that waitress would be a good source of information.

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