Marrying A Cowboy(2)

By: Tyra Brown

Monica had tried to explain the need for artistic inspiration a lot of times to Danielle. But for Danielle, all that talk about inspiration just seemed a bit too wishy washy. She needed things to be logical and rational.

“He has a ranch out there. And there's a studio in the house,” Monica answered. “And he’s always told me that he thinks he does his best work outside of the city. I’m hoping some of that rubs off on me.”

“You guys aren’t a couple, are you?” Danielle asked.

The question seemed so ridiculous to Monica. She covered her mouth to keep from laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Danielle said. “You have been working together as artist and producer for the past five years. And now you’re going across the country to spend three months together on some five-acre ranch to record your first album. It would only be natural if something developed between you two.”

“Please, stop. I’m going to laugh myself silly,” Monica said. “I think my relationship as an artist to Billy is perfectly fine. I have no interest in seeing it change in any way. This is a big moment in both of our careers.”

“I know you think it’s perfectly fine. But how do you know that he feels the same way?”

“That’s just not something that I want to worry about right now, sis. The last thing I need in my life is my producer catching feelings for me.”

“Okay, girl. But you better watch out. All those nights in the studio alone. Something might just happen.”

That’s definitely not what Monica wanted to think about. But now that Danielle had mentioned it, she started to wonder whether or not Billy had any ulterior motives for taking her all the way across the country. He was ten years older than her and he had been quite the player in his day. But over the last few years, she had definitely noticed a change in him. He seemed more mature and more focused on really making a name for himself in the music industry.

“What do you have going on for the rest of the day?” Monica asked with a big smile on her face. She had a sudden urge to do something different. She wouldn’t go to the studio and sit there hunched over a notepad for hours, trying to come with lyrics to the song that she hoped would finally put her name on the map. She wanted her name to spread all across the globe. She wanted to be an international best-selling artist. A worldwide diva. But at this point in her life, New York was beginning to feel so suffocating. It seemed like everyone in the city was pretending to be someone they were not. That got really draining after awhile. Monica hoped that life on the ranch would help center her and put her feet back on the ground. She hoped that getting out of New York would help her focus more on her music and less on how famous she was destined to become.

“I haven’t seen that look on your face in a long time, girl,” Danielle said. “You must have some naughty thoughts going through your head.”

Monica smiled but shook her head. “I just need to let my hair down a little, that’s all. What do you say we head over to that sushi place a few blocks down the way? I’ve been dying for California rolls and spider rolls for the last few weeks. And a little bit of sake would be good for me as well.”

“Now, that’s what I like to hear,” Danielle said. “I don’t have any more cases today and I haven’t had good sushi in a couple of weeks.”

The two women smiled brightly. They were both in need of a break from their demanding careers. Good food and drinks were sure to put them in right frame of mind.

Chapter 2

Mathew Waterston dug his cowboy boots in the dirt and stared at the six-acre ranch that stretched before him. He had lived here all his life. But lately, loneliness had begun to eat away at him and he had begun to feel that he was trapped. He enjoyed putting on his cowboy boots, Wrangler jeans, black t-shirts and ten-gallon hats. He enjoyed spending most of his time out in the sun. But he knew that there had to be more to life, more to the world than what he experienced on his parents’ ranch. He wanted to see the world. He wanted to meet interesting people and really start living. He was tired of feeling so confined. He wanted his freedom.

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