Marrying A Cowboy(3)

By: Tyra Brown

The sound of a pickup truck coming up his long dirt driveway snapped him back to the present. He recognized the white truck and couldn't help smiling. It was his good friend Carson. They had been friends since childhood, almost thirty years now.

After kicking up a whole lot of dust, the truck came to a stop. Carson was short and stocky and he always wore a big smile on his face. That made for quite the contrast with Mathew who was tall, lean, and muscular. He also had a pair of beautiful blue eyes that appeared either serious or melancholy.

“Howdy!” Carson bellowed. “How’s the most eligible bachelor in the whole state of Colorado?”

Mathew couldn’t help smiling when Carson said things like that.

“Me and Sally were talking last night,” Carson said. “And she got to telling me about some TV show called The Bachelor. Some rich guy needs to find a wife and all these beautiful women do their best to convince him that they would be the best match for him. You ever thought about doing something like that?”

Mathew looked off into the distance. He loved the way the sky over his ranch stretched on and on for miles. “Don’t you think it’s kind of strange that you’re more worried about my love life than I am?”

“Oh, don’t get me wrong,” Carson said, smiling with his eyes. “It’s not your love life that I’m concerned about. I want you to get your inheritance. And in order to do that, you’re just going to have to find you a little lady to shack up with.”

Mathew grit his teeth and spit in the dirt. He didn’t like to be reminded of the conditions that stood between him and his multi-million dollar inheritance. Why had his father made things so difficult for him?

“Yeah, thanks for bringing that up,” he said. “You know it’s my favorite subject. Thanks.”

“Getting upset with me is not going to do you a bit of good. I think your father made a really good decision putting that little stipulation into his will. It’s not like he doesn’t want you to inherit all the land and money. But he wanted to make sure that you’d gotten all of that wild bachelor energy out of you before you did.”

Mathew sighed and kicked the dirt. The condition was that he would have to get married before he received any of the money. What he loved about living on this ranch was the freedom it afforded him. He didn’t have to answer to anybody and he wanted it to stay that way. What could a wife possibly add to his life? It would be someone for him to answer to, someone to nag him and tell him what to do. No, that was the last thing that he wanted at this point in his life. But at the same time, he understood that in order to get his hands on that money, he would have to find himself a wife. And he would never feel truly free until he got a hold of the land and the money.

Chapter 3

“I think this sake is starting to go to my head,” Monica said. “I can’t believe it’s the middle of the afternoon and I’m actually having some fun.”

“Maybe this is what you should be doing to get some more inspiration for this album you’re putting together,” Danielle said.

The two women had been chatting and joking and really letting their hair down for the past hour. This was something that both of them rarely got a chance to do.

“If I did this every day, I wouldn’t be in any condition to write or record songs. And Billy would surely drop me for other artists.”

“Don’t you think it’s sort of ironic that you write R&B love longs?” Danielle asked with a sly smile on her face.

Monica was a bit confused. She had never thought about her singing or song writing as ironic. She was very sensitive about her work and for a moment she was afraid that Danielle was insulting her. She would not have been able to deal with that, not from her best friend. Panic and anxiety gripped her stomach. After all this time, was her best friend finally telling her that she didn’t take her artistic ambitions all that seriously?

“I’m not sure what you mean by that. My songs are definitely not ironic. I try to be very sincere. I really put everything I have into them.”

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