Marrying A Cowboy(5)

By: Tyra Brown

“There was something about that slow country life that I miss,” Danielle said. “And there was something so simple and so honest about those people. I know that Colorado isn’t North Carolina. But I still have the feeling that you’re going to experience something very special. And I want you to be open to whatever happens. Whether it’s with Billy or another guy.”

Monica rolled her eyes at the mention of Billy’s name. He was her producer. And that’s how things would stay.

“Definitely another guy,” Monica said. “Let’s toast to that.”

Chapter 4

“You got anything going on tonight?” Carson asked. “A date for instance?”

Mathew sighed and kicked the dirt. “You know I’m not dating anybody. So I’ll probably just head into town and pick up some supplies. Just my normal routine, nothing different.”

“You see that’s the problem with you, Mathew. You’re always doing the same thing and expecting different results.”

“What do you suggest I do differently?” Mathew asked, very curious as to what his friend would say.

“You should come over and have dinner with me and Sally. That would give you a taste of what family life can really be like. When was the last time a woman cooked you a good meal?”

“Every day at the diner I get a well-cooked meal. I’m sure from time to time one of the cooks is a woman.”

“You know good and well that’s not what I mean but I see that you just can’t help making jokes. It’s not going to be funny when you end up an old man without a woman to take care of you. I’ve seen it happen to plenty of men. They spend so much time playing the field and enjoying the bachelor life and they think that it’s going to last forever. You need to wake up and snap out of that because it’s definitely not going to last forever.”

“That’s what people keep telling me. But it seems to be going pretty well for me so far. And I just don’t think that I’m the marrying type. It’s just that stupid will. Every time I think about it I get so damn angry. It’s like the old man knew my weak spot and he wanted to make sure that I knew he knew.”

Carson shook his head and looked at the ground. He wondered how long his friend would insist on being stubborn. “If you want to walk around feeling sorry for yourself and angry with your father for leaving you a fortune with a few strings attached then go right ahead. But I have to say that I think that’s a pretty foolish way to go about living your life.”

Carson extended his hand and told his friend that he had other business to attend to. “Anyway, if you change your mind and you do end up wanting a home-cooked meal tonight make sure that you give me some advanced notice. Wives tend to like that.”

Mathew tipped his cap and thanked his friend for the thoughtful offer. Then he stood in the driveway and watched the pickup truck kick up dust as it disappeared into the distance.

Once again he was all alone with his thoughts. He didn’t like that one bit. Maybe Carson was right. Maybe a woman in his life would help him feel better. Maybe a feminine presence would help him get his mojo back. It had been a long time since he’d really felt his usual masculine strength surging through his veins. Too long. His father’s will required that he get married in order to receive his inheritance. But that wasn’t all it required. There was another condition that he had never told anyone about. He not only had to get married but he also had to have a baby. He felt like screaming to the heavens for some way out of this situation. Where would he be able to find a woman who would agree to both a marriage of convenience and would also agree to have his baby? It would be strictly a business arrangement without love or romance. The whole thing seemed so ridiculous.

He didn’t want to spend any more time thinking about it, so he hopped in his truck and rode into town. It took him about ten minutes to get to his usual place for lunch and dinner. Goodwin’s Diner. He had never learned how to cook and he never would. He enjoyed the greasy fare that Goodwin’s offered him. But he also knew that he couldn’t eat like this forever. This is the greasy food that his father had eaten for the last years of his life after his wife had passed. This was the food that had clogged up his arteries and led to the massive heart attack that had killed him suddenly, shortly after his 74th birthday.

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