Marrying A Cowboy

By: Tyra Brown

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Chapter 1

Monica didn’t quite know what was going on in her love life. It just didn’t seem like she could ever meet guys who could understand that a woman could have drive and ambition and want to put her career before relationships. The guys that she dated would initially seem to accept the fact that she was devoted to her singing career. But that was until they realized that she would often have to spend late nights in the music studio recording. And she would have to spend hours rehearsing for shows. It was very hard for most of them to understand just how passionate she was about her career.

“Everybody knows you care about your career, girl,” Tony, her gay stylist, would tell her, rolling his eyes at her. “But everyone needs passion and romance in their lives.”

It seemed like everyone in her life was constantly reminding her that she needed to be out hunting for love. Or at least dating and getting to meet new people.

“It would be great if I could balance a relationship and a career. But right now that’s just not possible,” she would often reply. “Sometimes you have to decide what’s important. And right now for me it’s definitely my career.”

Monica had been singing she was a little girl in the church choir. It was a talent that had been unearthed very early in life. And her parents had immediately put her into private singing lessons. Her passion for singing and writing her own lyrics had only blossomed over the years. She was at a critical point in her career. She was finally making a name for herself at some local clubs in New York City and her work had begun selling well on iTunes, Pandora and other music sites. So far in her career, she had only put out singles. It was time for her to really establish herself as a serious artist and put out a full-length album. It wouldn’t be easy. She would have to work longer and harder than she had ever worked before. And that would just be on the music part. There would be so much more to the project than that.

The record industry had changed dramatically over the last 10 years. So many big companies had gone under and they had taken many up and coming artists down with them. Monica was determined not to be the kind of artist who relied on the record companies to do her bidding. She would assemble a team around her and put out the kind of music that she thought would best connect with fans. There were so many ways for an artist to get their work out via the internet that there was no need to spend time running after the record companies. Her plan was to become so popular as an independent artist that the record labels would come running after her with six figure offers.

She checked her watch as she walked out of the subway station and onto the busy Lower East Side street. She was a few minutes late for her coffee date with her best friend, Danielle. They had grown up together in the New York suburbs and spent their summers down in North Carolina. Both women had followed their childhood passions into their respective careers. Danielle had always had a passion for arguing and making her point heard. And she was never afraid to stand up for someone who was being mistreated, so it wasn’t a surprise when she was admitted to Harvard Law School. She had always been destined to achieve great things.

Monica pushed her way into cafe. She was out of breath when she sat down across from her friend.

Danielle looked up from her phone and smiled. “You must have a ton of last minute preparations to make before your trip. Are you sure you’re ready for such a big move?”

Monica sat down and placed her brown saddlebag on her lap. She wasn’t sure whether she was ready to travel halfway across the country to record her first album. But she knew that in order to really go to a deeper place with her work, to make her songs more personal and emotional, she would have to get out of her comfort zone. Life in New York had simply become too comfortable and routine for her. She was bored and in need of a change. She could feel her creativity being sucked out of her.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready. But if this is what Billy wants, and he thinks it’s the best thing for my career then I should probably listen to him.”

“Why did he choose Denver, of all places? There are so many places to record here in the city. That just doesn’t make sense to me.”

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