Me and My Rider:A Dirty Game of Love(10)

By: Renee

“Uh, huh,” her mother shrugged. “Look, I know it’s your graduation night, and you girls wanna go party. Just be careful….especially with that girl,” her mother pointed, “It’s something about her I just can’t put my finger on.”

“Momma, Deanna’s cool. She’s just misunderstood,” Trisha laughed.

“Misunderstood, alright…”

“Speaking of…..” Trisha spoke, “Deanna’s mom invited me up to their lake house in a few weeks to celebrate our graduation. “You think it would be ok if I went for a few days?”

“What’s a few days,” her mom questioned.

“Really just a weekend: Friday to Sunday.”

“Ok, Trisha….just be careful.” Her mom said, before she walked out the room. Trisha nodded her head in acceptance and laid down for a nap. She knew partying with Deanna tonight would require all her energy; especially after she told her about getting the ok for ATL.

When Deanna pulled up in her mom’s Mercedes-Benz, Trisha knew what type of night they were about to have. She grabbed her overnight bag and rushed out the door before her mom could grill her on her outfit. Trisha had decided to keep things simple, sliding into her tight-fitted, all black that left little to the imagination. She set it off with her fire red pumps and Sephora lips to match. Anyone that didn’t know her would swear she was at least twenty-six. Her 36C’s were sitting up perky and at attention. With her hips and ass having curves for days, she was definitely about to break some hearts tonight. She just hoped that the party consisted of more than their usual ignorant high school crowd. The last thing she wanted to deal with on grad night was foolishness with kids. She just put on her positive party girl hat before sliding into the leather passenger seat.

“So we fancy tonight?” Trisha joked, as she through her overnight bag into the back seat.

“Yes, ma’am,” Deanna spoke pulling out the driveway, “I thought we’d teach these youngins how to really show out.” The girls both laughed, “Besides, my mom felt bad about leaving me to go on her little getaway on graduation day, so I politely took advantage of her guilt and slid out with these keys.”

“Well, thank God for mom’s guilt,” Trisha joked. The girls rode the rest of the way bumping the sounds of Kevin Gates “What’s up with it.” When they pulled up to the nightclub, the line was around the corner, and to Trisha’s surprise, the faces she saw were not of her classmates. Deanna handed her keys to the valet, and the two ladies sashayed to the front door. They could feel and hear the hate coming from the chicks who had been waiting in line for almost twenty minutes. The two smiled at the bum bitches, flipped their twenty-six inches, and kept it moving inside the club. Being the envy of the crowd was definitely worth the fifty dollar cover charge they paid on the inside.

The first thing Deanna wanted to do when they got in was head straight to the bar. She was ready to turn up. Trisha followed alongside of her debating if she wanted to drink or not. She liked to drink, but she wasn’t a pro like her friend Deanna. Deanna ordered her normal Crown with coke, and Trisha opted on a Cîroc punch. She had decided that she would enjoy the night tipsy but not plastered. The ladies chilled at the bar enjoying their drinks and peeping the crowd. There were a few familiar faces, and the ladies smiled, being polite to the ones they chose to acknowledge. As Trey Songz “Slow Motion” blasted through the speaker, Trisha’s eyes locked with a tall, chocolate figure next to the front stage. It was dark in the club, but Trisha could see his physic from a mile away. His Polo fitted complimented his swollen arms, and from the waist down, Trisha could sense that he was well-endowed.

Trisha took another sip of her drink, but their eye connection wasn’t breaking. She felt like there was a string tied around her a pulling her into him. She was for sure physically attracted, but for the first time, she felt like it was something more. The feeling was almost scary for Trisha, so she mustered up enough will and turned her head back to the bar breaking the lock. She took another sip of her drink and sighed.

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