Me and My Rider:A Dirty Game of Love(4)

By: Renee

“Damn,” Trisha spat as she looked at her cell phone. She had totally lost track of time. Seeing the 11:30 pm flash across her screen irked her nerves, and as she did 90 on the expressway, she dreaded the thought of her 6:30 am alarm clock that was going to go off for school in the morning. When she finally made it home, she kicked off her glittered stilettos before tip-toeing through the front door. Thankfully, her room was in the front of the house, so she didn’t have to worry about waking her mother or nosey brother Andre.

Trisha laid in her bed feeling exhausted.

“Long night, huh?” Camren whispered, as she laid in her bed across from her sisters.

“Really funny?” Trisha whispered, throwing a pillow across the room barely missing Camren’s head. “You better go to sleep, ‘cause you know how you get when you don’t get your sleep.” Trisha squinted her eyes, trying to focus and see her sister. Camren got up and walked over to Trisha’s bed and laid next to her sister. The two girls cuddled up and laid in silence as they had come to do for a while.

“Trisha, can I ask you something?”

“Yea, what’s up?”

“How do you get dudes to like you like that?”

“Like what?” Trisha stalled, dreading the path this conversation was about to go down.

“You know what I mean,” Camren snuffed holding her head up.

“Shhh, child,” Trisha whispered, pushing Camren’s head back down, “You tryna wake up your momma? Why you worried about dudes anyway? Niggas ain’t no good.” Trisha snarled.

“It's not really niggas I'm interested in,” Camren sighed.

"What you into girls now?" Trisha laughed. She and Camren had remained close through their childhood, but as they embarked through their teenage years, they separately gained different interests. At the age of fourteen, Trisha had sprouted in more ways than one. With hips of a goddess and breast that sat at attention with no support, this seventeen-year-old was giving most twenty-five-year-olds a run for their money. And with the brains of a scholar, she was killing it across the board. Because of this, she held a fan club mainly based from the opposite sex. Her younger sister watched in awe seeing man after man flask over her big sis. A part of her was slightly envious, but with her carefree demeanor, she never let on to any ill feelings.

"Trish, I'm serious..." Carmen paused, debating if she wanted to divulge her next statement to her sister. She knew Trisha would never judge her, but she was still embarrassed to admit that, at sixteen, she finally had her first crush." I met this dude the other day and..."

Before she could finish her sentence, Trisha leaped up in the bed. "You met who? Where? What you mean?! She questioned with a big Kool-Aid smile across her face.

"Dang, can I finish talking?" Camren huffed, pushing her sister back down on the bed. "Look, I met him a few days ago when he was walking down the street. I was sitting on the porch, and he came to talk to me," Camren gazed up at the darkness reminiscing her short encounter with him. "Look, we talked, and he asked to take me out, but I don't know if I should, and he Mexican and a few years older, and...."

Trisha tried to process everything her little sis was dishing. She wanted to be happy that she was finally coming out of her shell, yet she couldn't help but feel a weary feeling, and she became scared for her sister. Remembering her first experience with dudes took Trisha into a different realm. Before she knew it, she was pulling Camren into her squeezing her tightly in her arms.

"Trisha, what the hell you doing?" Camren asked, trying to wiggle out of her sister’s tight grasp, "I'm trying to talk to you about Owen..."

"Owen, huh," Trisha said, snapping back from her daze, "Well, if you think Owen is good enough for you, go for it, but you have to promise me one thing," Trisha gazed into her sister's eyes with sincere concern.

"Why you looking like that? You scaring me," Camren smiled, trying to make light of the conversation. When she saw that Trisha's expression wasn't budging, she closed her mouth and listened intently.

"Baby sis, it's going to be plenty of dudes who try to step to you in due time. You’re beautiful, smart, and you like sports for some odd reason," Trisha snickered, “Know that it's totally fine for you to weigh your options and see what's out there. Just never settle; and never feel that you have to do something cause a nigga ask you to. Believe me when I tell you, it's ok to say NO."

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