Me and My Rider:A Dirty Game of Love(5)

By: Renee

Silence filled the room as the two sisters lay in the dark. Camren was grateful to have an older sister who she could talk to, because she definitely did not want to hear her god fearing mother's speech on "No good bucket head boys" as she would say. She knew her sister’s words were coming from love, and she planned to stick by them. With one sigh, she was sleeping. Trisha laid there for a few more minutes until she felt her eyes getting heavy, and then she was out.

"Come on, Ma. Just lay back and relax," Ace spoke pushing his hands up Trisha's mini skirt.

"Wait, Ace. I don't know if I'm ready for this yet," Trisha said trying to slide out of Ace's grip. She tried to slide to the opposite end of the couch, but Ace was on her ass and was not letting her slip away that easily. At fourteen, Trisha was scared out of her mind about what was probably about to happen. She cursed herself for not going straight home after class like she was supposed to, but Ace, the finest freshman in the school, had asked her to come over and help him with homework. Before then, Trisha had stayed to herself and was ecstatic to have this chance. She couldn't pass up the opportunity to spend time with this dude who she hoped would soon be her boyfriend. "What if your momma come home?" Trisha questioned, trying to deter the conversation.

"Look, my momma work overnight. So we good," Ace whispered, as he kissed on her neck. “Just relax, boo. You act like you ain’t never did this before."

Trisha froze. Trying not to make it so obvious, she giggled awkwardly. She couldn't tell her male crush that she had not actually had sex before. The closest thing she had ever gotten to sex were the nightmares of her cousin that she was trying to forget. Thinking about it again turned her mood from sour to sweet in just that instant. Trisha jumped to her feet.

"I'm sorry Ace, I can't do this," she explained, as she attempted to walk towards the door. Before she could take another step, Ace grabbed her by the arm with all his force, slamming her to the couch. He slid his boxers off and climbed on top of Trisha. As he pushed all of his body weight against her, Trisha kicked her legs trying to free herself.

“Now, I know you ain't come all the way over here to do no damn homework,” he huffed cupping Trisha's round ass in his hand, “I know you want this just as bad as I do. Open up for me baby.” Trisha fought back the tears, as she continued to squirm, but the more she moved, the more she felt like she was losing her breath.

“Ace please. I can't breathe,” she gasped.

He lifted his torso from her body and looked in her face searching for a glimpse of seduction. When he didn't find one, he snarled. “So you don't want this?!” He questioned.

Trisha looked down in embarrassment. She took a second then looked into his deep brown eyes. She glanced at his dark chocolate skin hovering over her like a lion ready to pounce on his prey. Just the glimpse of his stacked six pack gave her butterflies. She could feel her panties getting wet, and she cringed as Ace's roughened hand slid between her thighs. She tried her hardest to clinch down, so he couldn't feel her juices flowing. True enough, her body was ready for pure action, but Trisha knew her mind and heart wasn't in it

“No, Ace. I don't want this. Please stop,” she pleaded.

Ace glared at her with a wicked smile. Well, baby girl, he spoke as he lifted his wet fingers to his mouth. He slowly licked them and continued to speak, “Your body telling me something different.” Trisha tried to lift herself up, but was startled when she felt the hot shock come across her face from Aces backhand. She screamed in pain, as she could feel her cheek burning from the impact. “See baby, I tried to play nice with you, but I see you need some guidance.” He brushed Trisha’s scattered hair behind her ear, as she shook in fear from his touch. “It’s cool baby. I’m not gone hurt you… just give me what I want, and we will both be happy.”

Trisha laid on the floor with her eyes shut tight as Ace entered her slowly. She squealed, as she felt his hardened shaft pry its way into her. Trisha felt like Ace was ripping her insides apart with each stroke. She wanted to scream; she wanted to fight back, but she found herself feeling like the same little nine-year-old girl who never said anything years ago. A part of her started to feel as though this may be her destiny; [ad1] laying on her back. So that’s what she did. She dried up her tears, tried to relax, and took her mind to a happy space.

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