Me and My Rider:A Dirty Game of Love(59)

By: Renee

Tyson moved towards Trisha and kept his gun on Deanna. He saw that Ace had passed out, so he tucked the other gun in his waist and pulled out his pocket knife cutting the tape from around Trisha’s wrists. Once she was free, Trisha rubbed her head feeling the huge knot. Her wrists were burning and her head was pounding with a bloody nose, but at this point, she seemed to be more concerned about her friend. Deanna was in the corner rocking back and forth mumbling something under her breath.

Trisha tried to lower Tyson’s gun but he wasn’t budging. “Have you lost your damn mind?” Tyson asked “This bitch just tried to kill you!” Tyson yelled angrily.

“Tyson please…” Trisha pleaded, “Look at her…she needs help.”

“I ain’t giving nobody the upper hand on us at this point,” Tyson barked. After all the bullshit that Deanna had pulled, Tyson was ready to put one hot one through her chest. The only thing that was saving her at this point was the voice of his lady in his ear. He didn’t want her to see the beast that he had put away years ago, so he remained calm with his gun aimed.

When Trisha realized he wasn’t going to let up, she turned her attention back to Deanna. “D, baby we gone get past this…” Trisha took a step in Deanna’s directions. She held her hands out not wanting to give Deanna any crazy assumptions. “I’m still here…We gone get you the help you need. I promise…”

Deanna stepped back and looked at Trisha with the pain, hurt, and guilt in her eyes. She had become drained.

“It’s too late,” Deanna raised the gun, “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.


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