Me and My Rider:A Dirty Game of Love(6)

By: Renee

Ace began to speed up as Trisha’s juices splattered around on the both of them. “Damn baby, you wet,” Ace cried feeling himself getting close to a climax, “Turn over so I can feel all of you.” Ace pulled out, and as he looked down, his penis got limp from the sight. “What the fuck is this!” he screamed, seeing the red blood drip from his dick, “Why you ain’t tell me you was on your cycle, you nasty bitch!” Ace stood up and ran to the bathroom

Trisha, in shock, sat up on the floor and saw the red dripping from her. She had talked to her mom about starting her monthly, but had yet to experience it herself so when she saw the mess, she freaked. She scattered trying to find her underwear and froze when she heard Ace coming back into the room.

“Yo man, you foul for this shit,” he huffed wiping his hands on a towel.

“Ace, this has never happened to me. I didn’t know…” she tried to explain but was caught off guard when she saw Ace tossing her jacket her way.

“I don’t even give a fuck. Get the hell out,” Ace walked over to his front door and opened it. When Trisha didn’t move fast enough, he barked louder, “Get the fuck out!” Trisha scattered to grab her things and rushed out the house just as Ace slammed the door behind her.

“Bamm!!” Trisha jumped up from her bed at the sound of the front door slamming. She glanced over at her alarm clock and saw the 7:00 am blinking across the screen. She cursed herself for oversleeping and rushed to the shower trying to make it to school on time.

She pulled into the parking lot just as the first-period late bell rang. As she jumped out her car with keys and book bag in hand, she knew it was going to be a long day. And true to her thought, her day was exactly that. From pop quizzes to new project assignments, Trisha thought her head was going to pop, but that was the life of an honors student. Being in the top five percent of her class was only a stepping stone for her ultimate goal of receiving her BSN. As she walked into the common area of her high school, the smile soon returned when she saw the graduation booth. She boldly walked over to the table ready to turn in her sizes for her cap and gown when she was caught off guard from someone smacking her ass. Trisha stopped smooth in her tracks ready to let the low life have a piece of her mind, but when she turned around, she couldn’t help but laugh at the goofy face Deana was making. They both busted out in laughter.

“You know you can’t be walking around here with all that ass girl,” Deana joked, “Somebody might have to snatch it up!”

“Well that somebody better have a lot of zeros behind his name,” Trisha joked back. Trisha and Deana had been tight since freshman year. When Trisha blossomed along with her male admirers, she also gained a full load of female haters. Every chick swore that Trisha either wanted their man or had been with him already, yet they had no idea that they were way off of Trisha’s motives. Trisha was in no way interested in the little boys they chose to entertain. She wanted REAL MEN who had the means and pull to do for her. Deana peeped that from miles away. In their eyes, they were cut from the same cloth, and because of that, they rode for each other hard.

“I’m sure Mr. D lined your pockets nice last night,” Deana spoke, as they continued to walk towards the booth, “That’s why your ass ain’t pick up the phone last night. You know you can’t be doing that shit. We gotta stick to our routine bitch.”

Trisha shook her head in understanding, remembering that she had forgot to check in last night. Trisha and Deana knew that stepping foot in the tricking game also came with real life risks, so whenever they didn’t make runs together, they at least made sure to check in with each other before and after their “date night.” They knew each other’s every move when it came to the game; yet were solemnly naive to each other’s reasoning.

“I know, I know,” Trisha said, brushing off Deana’s mug. “I got so caught up in Camren’s tea, I forgot to send the text.”

“What? Is she going to try out for another sport?” They both giggled at Camren’s expense.

“No fool,” Trisha informed, “She talking to some dude she met girl. They supposed to be going out.”

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