Me and My Rider:A Dirty Game of Love(8)

By: Renee

“I know bitch, but he was throwing major cash tonight, and you know I got tuition to pay for next year. You know we all ain’t get a scholarship,” Deanna laughed.

“Yea, I hear you,” Trisha mumbled, “Just be careful, and don’t get caught up.”

“Well, I was calling to let you know that Trell asked about you again,” Deanna laughed, “I’m tired of blocking for you.” Trell was Mr. C’s family, and he and Trisha had kicked it a few times back in the day, but Trell was a little too loose and wild for Trisha. On their last hookup, she watched Trell pistol whip one of his workers for shorting him on a deal. That night, Trisha was so freaked, she had called Deanna to come scoop her before Trell had time to explain. After that, she stuck to the executives and sugar daddies, because the thug life was a little too much for her.

“Well, you tell Trell that I’m batting for the other team,” Trisha joked

“Girl, one or two crazy nights don’t count,” Deanna stated reminiscing on a few of their experiences, “You know, Mr. C taking me on a getaway for my graduation present, and Trell want you to come so he won’t be the third wheel.”

“Where the hell y’all going?” Trisha asked.

“We ducking off to Atlanta for the weekend. You gotta come, Trish. We can hit all the big malls, then ball out in the nightlife, cause Mr. C know all the club owners.” Deanna was trying hard to persuade her friend.

“Girl, what am I supposed to tell my momma? You know she ain’t going for no getaway.”

“Look, tell her you coming to stay with me and my momma in the country.” When Deanna’s mom wasn’t running off with her next boy toy, she often took the girls up to their lake house to get away from the city. Trisha loved it, because it was an escape from reality.

“Look, I’ll think about it,” Trisha stated, trying to rush Deanna off the phone so she could finish her pizza.

“Alright, man,” Deanna huffed, “Well, I’ll talk to you later. The girls both ended the call, and Trisha went back to stuffing her face. She glanced over at her mirror thinking about her mom’s statement. She shook her head at the thought of ever carrying anything inside of her. She felt that she was already damaged goods, so why bring an innocent person into the nonsense.

We Made It

The end of senior year came and went. Trisha opted out of prom, feeling that it was a waste of time. Instead, she and Deanna got Mr. D to buy them a bottle of Cîroc. He bought them the $40 bottle thinking he would get the treat of having them both that night. That excitement changed to anger when Trisha lied to him saying she had to rush home, ‘cause her mom was sick. He thought he could opt out on just having Deanna, but she sidelined him with a quickness hopping back in the car with her girl as they sped off.

“Damn, bitch, he was pissed,” Deanna laughed as the girls parked at the local park. The two both giggled as they took another shot of Cîroc.

“His ass will be ok,” Trisha spoke, “I’m sure he will be on my line before I make it home.”

“Ok bitch…you better be careful before he cut you off,” Deanna took another swallow without a second thought, “You can’t let go of the money train.”

Trisha gazed up at the stars thinking about what her friend was saying, and she laughed it off, yet in the back of her mind, ending her hustling style didn’t sound so bad. She shook the thought when Deanna handed her the bottle. Taking another long gulp, she sighed. “You realize we about to graduate in a week?”

“Hell, yea. I been waiting on this day for twelve years,” Deanna joked.

“You stupid fool.”

“No lie. You know school has never been my forte,” Deanna explained, “Only reason I’m even finishing is because of you….and the fact that I need my momma to stay off my case.”

“You smart girl. You just gotta apply yourself,” Trisha said.

“Naw, I’ll leave the books up to you boo,” Deanna giggled, “If I never see another educational book in my life, I believe I will totally be fine with that. The two girls laughed their asses off as they finished the bottle. Trisha knew her friends potential, but she never liked to feel like she was pushing her to do anything she didn’t want to, so she closed the subject and anticipated walking across that stage.

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