Me and My Rider:A Dirty Game of Love(9)

By: Renee

The week came and went, and Trisha stared at herself in her bedroom mirror. She put her cap and gown on, with her red bottom heels that she bought just for this day. She couldn’t help but smile. Finally, she felt that she was accomplishing something in her scattered life. This would only be the beginning of her journey to success, and she was ready for everything that came with it.

“Trisha, come on, man. Momma out here ‘bout to have a fit,” Camren called out to her sister from the front door, “You know she gotta have a good seat.

“I’m coming,” Trisha shouted. She gave herself another once over before running out the door. The ceremony was beautiful, and when they called Trisha’s name to walk across, she felt the love from her family shouting throughout the auditorium. As she stepped down, she felt the tear falling from her eye. Surely a tear of joy. After the ceremony, Trisha’s family bomb rushed her with hugs kisses and flowers.

”I’m proud of you baby,” her mom cried, as she embraced Trisha.

“Me too, sis,” Camren smiled.

Trisha looked around and spoke to her aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. She was so happy to see her family there to support her, but she couldn’t help but realize that none of her father’s family had made an effort. Things had changed so much since her grandmother’s passing that she barely spoke to her father’s family at all anymore. However, she wasn’t about to let their absence spoil her day. She continued to chat with her family as they made plans to go have lunch and celebrate.

“We did it! We did it!!” Deanna screamed, as she ran up to hug her friend.

“We did it girl,” Trisha repeated

“Let me get you girl’s picture,” Trisha’s mom spoke, getting her camera ready. She was not a fan of Trisha’s friend, believing her to be a little too promiscuous for her taste, yet she played nice when the young girl was around. The girls smiled in a hug.

After the picture, Deanna pulled Trisha to the side, “Ok bitch, so we hitting Bianca’s party tonight right?!” Bianca was the head cheerleader/high school slut, yet she was known for her off-the-wall parties with the known concept, “What happens at Bianca’s stays at Bianca’s,”

“Really,” Trisha spoke annoyed, “I thought walking across the stage ridded me of all the high school nonsense.”

“Look, I already know how you feel… But it’s at Club Bamboo; open bar, and no adult supervision.”

“Now, how the hell did she pull that off?” Trisha asked suspiciously.

“Hell if I know, but it sounds like a turn up to me.”

“Trisha… come on girl, we leaving,” her mom shouted out to her.

“Ok, I’m coming,” Trisha said, before turning back to her friend.

“Look, I’ll be at your house at eleven. Just be ready big booty,” Deanna joked, as she smacked Trisha on the ass and ran off to find her mom.

Trisha enjoyed her dinner with her family. Especially their congratulation cards that held a nice amount of change. After lunch, they made their way home, and Trisha was ready to crash. She sent out her thank you messages to her family and walked into her room to lay down.

“So this how you spending your graduation day, huh?” Andre spoke, standing in his sister’s doorway, “It must gone rain, ‘cause you can’t never stay still for more than five minutes.

Trisha kicked off her heels and placed them neatly back into her shoebox before addressing her brother, “Well, it must is gone rain since this the most you done said to me in weeks. Hello sir; it’s nice to see you still alive.”

“Ha, ha, ha,” Andre chuckled, “Very funny little one. So now that you graduated, I guess you think you grown now… well, don’t let that thought get you messed up.”

“Whatever,” Trisha spoke ready to snap back at her older brother.

“Leave that girl alone boy, and go on about your business,” Trisha’s mom spoke, as she pushed her son out the way. Andre walked to his room and closed his door as usual. “So are you in for the day?” she asked.

“I’m going to go spend the night at Deanna’s house later, but that’s it.

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