Me and My Rider:A Dirty Game of Love

By: Renee


I first want to thank god because without him none of this would be possible. I also want to thank my three piece, Amauri, Ayden and Ariel. You all are my true motivation and my reason for striving for greatness. Mommy loves you to the moon and back. And to my family and friends: thank you all for motivating and being there for me through thick and thin. You all have helped in this process in more ways than you know it. I love you all.


“It’s only for a few hours…” Trisha sighed, as she slid her fire red thong up her thighs. She gave herself a last once over in the dingy mirror before she walked back into the darkened room. She glanced over at the nightstand that held the only glimmer of light in the run down hotel, but her eyes fixated on her main purpose for being there. Two crisp one hundred dollar bills lay side-by-side smiling back at her.

“I missed you, baby,” said the darkened male figure laying across the bed with his penis in his hands, “You can’t be staying away from me like that. I get lonely.” Trisha walked over to Mr. D with her hips swaying.

She straddled him and pressed her chest against his before whispering in his ear, “I missed you, too, daddy.”

She placed a soft kiss on his cheek and rolled over on her back with her legs spread wide. Bracing herself, she gasped as he entered her with force. She knew better than to scream so she closed her eyes and rode the wave. Fifteen minutes later, he was passed out, and she was grabbing her keys and heading for the door. She swiped the money from the counter and placed it in her bag. Before she could open the door wide enough, Mr. D called after her. “I’ll see you in a few days sweetie.”

With gritted teeth, she replied, “OK, Daddy. Call me.” Slamming the door behind her, she rushed to her car. When she made it down the street, she stopped at the red light. As the red glimmer shined through her window, she wiped the tear drop that fell from her mocha face. Looking in her rear view mirror, she didn’t recognize the girl looking back at her. In less than four hours, she had transformed from the seventeen-year-old senior to a trick of the night.

“Damn,” was all she could muster out before she broke down. As TI’s memories back then played in her ear, Trisha closed her eyes and zoned out. She couldn’t help but REMEMBER….

In the Beginning

Trisha sat on her living room floor watching Barney with her younger sister Camren. Only a year apart, Trisha and Camren were as some may say “two peas in a pod” and inseparable. They both giggled, as Barney and his friends played some insignificant game. Before the game was over, they heard a loud noise as the front door came crashing open. It was there mother whaling uncontrollably in their uncle’s arms. Trisha raised her eyes in suspension; unsure of what was going on. From her mother crying, and seeing her uncle, who lived on the other side of town and only came over for birthdays and holidays), she knew something had to be wrong. Trisha and Camren watched as the adults rushed to the room and closed the door behind them.

They jumped up from the floor and ran into their brother’s room. Andre and Ben were older than the girls and chose to play video games instead of keeping an eye on their younger sister’s like they were instructed to do. Camren stood in front of their TV blocking the view of their current motor combat game.

“Get your big headed self out the way, gurl,” Andre yelled, trying to see over Camren’s head.

“No, y’all need to come see what’s wrong with momma. She crying.” Camren and Trisha said in unison.

“Liar, momma not even here. She at work,” replied Andre, getting irritated by the minute. He attempted to lunge at Camren, but Trisha stepped in between.

“Ben, momma really in there with Uncle Will crying,” she shouted. Ben paused the game and stood up. As the older brother, he had to be the voice of reason when his siblings got into disagreements. So to calm the storm before it began, he stepped in.

“Andre, we gone finish up in a minute,” he spoke, as he walked towards the room door, “And don’t be trying to cheat while I’m gone.” Before they could make it to the kitchen, their mom walked out of the room in silence. With puffy eyes, she looked down at her kids with uncertainty.

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