Naughty Cougar

By: Madam Raven

Tasha cheered like the proud soccer mom she was. Her 10 year-old daughter, Chloe had just scored the first goal of the match.

Chloe looked a lot like her mom – both had ebony skin and thick, curly black hair that framed pretty faces with full lips and sparkling hazel eyes. Of course, Chloe was only 10, and had a lot of growing to do before she filled out like her mom.

Tasha was forty-three, though if you asked her she was celebrating the 18th anniversary of her twenty-fifth birthday. She looked like she could pull off being a twenty-five year old, too. Her complexion was as smooth as porcelain, and her regular work-outs kept her body looking every bit as fit and trim as she had been a decade before. It didn’t hurt that she tried to keep up with the latest fashions and not look like some of the other ‘frumpy’ moms on the team. Today she was wearing a tight athletic jacket and yoga pants that showed off her enormous natural breasts and curvy backside – both assets she was incredibly proud of. Her husband would have been proud of them, too – if he were around enough to enjoy them.

Ever since she had married her husband – Daniel – it seemed like they saw each other less and less. As an insurance adjustor he was almost constantly on the road investigating claims and attending workshops, or whatever else it was he did – frankly it bored Tasha to tears. When she married him he was an energetic young man fresh out of the Army with limitless potential. In the decade and a half since then he’d grown fat, lazy, and completely boring in almost every aspect – especially in the bedroom.

She spent most of her time pining after the first few years of their marriage – when the sex was hot and they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. That, and carting Chloe around to all of her activities, hanging out with all the other stay-at-home moms, and reading lots of smutty romance novels. Today she was dutifully attending another hopelessly boring soccer match. At least it wasn’t all bad, though.

She had her eye on the young referee. He was much younger than her – maybe by twenty years – and had a rugged build to go along with a boyishly handsome face. He reminded her of a sexy mix of Dwayne Johnson and Tom Brady – cute little chin dimple and all. His short brown hair was styled in a wave across his brow, but even from the stands she could see his bright, piercing blue eyes. She thought the symbolism of his white and black striped shirt ironic as she was imagining the two of them in a tangle of limbs; his pale skin in stark contrast to hers.

As she pretended to watch the game, instead she kept her gaze focused on him; watching him jog up and down the field with an athletic grace. He took long, powerful strides as he easily jogged alongside even the fastest of the girls out there. Tasha felt like she was spying on an animal that had no idea a predator was stalking it. Maybe that’s where the term cougar came from, she mused. Even through the slightly chilly wind she felt a warmth spreading from between her legs and radiating outward throughout her body.

On the way home from the soccer game later she asked her daughter who the new referee was.

“I don’t know, someone they sent in when Mr. Frederick got sick. I think he’s Amanda’s friend, or something.” Chloe responded, referring to one of her team-mates.

Tasha made a point of getting together with Julie – Amanda’s mom and a neighbor of hers in the swanky housing development they both lived in. She learned, over salads and chardonnay, that the referee – Eric – was actually Julie’s nephew, and was in town doing a summer internship as a physical therapist during the summer between semesters at the local university.

“Well you tell him that I have plenty of work to do around the house with Dan gone all the time, and send him over if he wants to earn a little extra money.” Tasha said, a seductive plan forming in her mind.

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