Never Tied Down (The Never Duet #2)(100)

By: Anie Michaels

“Riot,” she whispered, her voice so delicate. “I want you to marry me.”

“Babe, we’ll get married. I promise.” I pulled away to tell her how much I loved her, how I didn’t want her to worry about our future together because she was all I could see for me in ten, twenty, even fifty years from now. I wanted to tell her how I wanted her to have my babies, soon, how I wanted to start a family with her. I wanted everything with her. But when I pulled away to reassure her of all that, I was stopped by the look on her face and the ring she was holding up between us.

“I’m asking you, Riot. I’m asking you to marry me.”

My eyes darted between her face and the ring, wondering what I’d missed, how we’d gotten here. In her hand was a men’s wedding band. It was black and thick, exactly something I would pick out for myself. Was this really happening?

“You’re asking me to marry you? You’re proposing?” I took the tiniest step away from her, trying to take it all in. I couldn’t help the smile that crossed my face, even if she looked terrified. I didn’t understand her nerves; surely she knew I would say yes.

“I want us to get married. I want you to marry me. And the longer I thought about it, the more I thought I should just ask you.”

“You want to get married?” I asked, smiling, moving closer to her.

“Yes,” she said, her voice suddenly breathy, watching me as I moved into her space so our bodies were touching, her hand with my ring in it still up between us.

“You want this forever?” I tucked a loose tendril of hair behind her ear, then moved my hand to the back of her neck, squeezing it firmly, watching her eyelids flutter as I did.

She nodded slightly, eyes finding mine. “I want you forever.”

“Then, you got me.” I took the ring from her and slid it onto my finger, laughing slightly at the thought of Kalli proposing to me. She had caught me completely off guard. “Tomorrow, we find a jeweler and we put a ring on your finger,” I said, wrapping my arms around her, pulling her as close to me as I could.

“I’d like that,” she breathed.

“I’d like to take you back into that candlelit bedroom and make love to my fiancée,” I said quietly.

“I’d like that too.”

I kissed her, then swept my arm under her knees and carried her back to the bed, looking forward to the rest of my life spent admiring the view of Kalli Bentley.

The End

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