Off Limits(7)

By: Callie Harper

It was hard to tell about her tits, she had a lot of structure up top in her dress, but I sure wanted to find out. I bet she’d be unsure, inexperienced, wanting my guidance about what to do. I’d love to see those full lips wrapped around my cock as I taught her just what to do to suck me right.

I’d been about to approach her when she came up to get a drink. She wasn’t going to talk to me, though. I liked that. I’d have to go get her. As much as I liked an easy lay, the predator in me enjoyed having to hunt for my kill.

She blushed when I spoke to her and instantly my dick got hard. That skin, so pale, so delicate. I knew if I spanked her I’d leave a nice, red mark. She stammered at first, shy, her emotions so close to the surface, none of the practiced flirtation I was used to encountering.

And she was funny. As I drew her into a quiet, dark corner, the kind of spot where we could go unnoticed even in a crowded room, she surprised the hell out of me by making me laugh. We got some kind of running joke going about the ridiculousness of the party. Insightful, witty, she had a brain in that gorgeous head of hers. All the more fun to play with.

When I first kissed her, dipping my head down to those luscious lips of hers, she tipped her head back and responded so rapidly, parting her lips, seeking out my tongue, making a few small sighs of pleasure. She might not have much experience, but she ran hot. That drove me wild, how sweet and intense I could tell she could be, just under the surface.

She felt so good pressed up against the wall, so yielding and responsive, so feminine and hot. For a good girl she was going bad fast. I had my hand up at her breast and could feel her through the fabric, the firm peak of her nipple pressing through, wanting, needing more. I wanted it bare so I could pinch it, play with it, tease and lick and suck and hear her moan. Had anyone ever done that to her before? My gut told me no and I was filled with the primal urge to claim her, mark her, take her as my own and do everything to her she’d never experienced before.

Her body responded like it had been made for me as I teased her nipples through the fabric of her dress, playing with her tender, sensitive buds. When I pinched her, light, her eyes closed and she gasped like she’d never felt anything like that before. I wanted to be her first for all of it, teaching her, showing her what it could be like. I could tell she’d be the perfect student, eager to learn, so responsive. She’d come undone under my tongue.

I inched my hand along her dress, slowly, carefully, not startling my prey, working her heat, stoking her fires, making her want this as much as me. I drank in her pants, kissing her mouth, her throat, her chest as I worked my hand up, drawing up her dress. In the corner, I could do this unnoticed. My frame so large, hers smaller and more delicate, I could shield her from view, take advantage of the shadows.

I could slip my finger up into her silky folds and feel her heat. I knew she’d be wet for me. So close, I had to touch it, had to feel her molten core. I needed to stroke her pussy and watch her face as I did it, see her plump lips part. I’d stroke her so good, coax so much pleasure out of her, feast on her pants and moans, her throaty cries of need. Then I’d drop my mouth to hers to drink in her scream when she came.

With a giant clatter, a waiter near us dropped a large tray. Elaborate canapés flew everywhere and the waiter swore, loudly.

She broke away first. I still looked at her like I was drugged, mesmerized, lust dulling my senses to everything but her. She seemed to notice something else, though.

“Um…” She pointed down. I looked and saw a cucumber slice with cream cheese and salmon stuck to my pant leg, slowly sliding down.

“Nice,” I commented, brushing it off.

Before I knew what was happening, she was down helping to clean up the mess, scooping up bits and pieces of food from the floor. No longer in my hands, pressed against my body, but on her hands and knees. I’d like to see her in that exact position, but I’d need to get her somewhere more private first, back to my house. Or even better, one of the suites in the hotel building upstairs.

“Oh, look here they both are. In the same place,” some lady exclaimed, false gaiety pumping up her voice like a hot air balloon. Next to her stood my father.

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