Pain Slut(2)

By: J.A. Rock

I pulled against the cuffs again, enjoying the feel. “Are you just saying that because you had such good reviews?”

“Did I?” Bowser shook the tubing to unkink it.

I almost rolled my eyes at his attempt to be casual. Despite the Subs Club blog having a log-in system that prevented nonmembers—i.e., doms—from viewing it, plenty of doms had seen or at least heard about their reviews. “You know you did. Everyone loves you.”

He grinned. “Just wanted to hear you say it.”

Ah, but he was a filthy sweetheart. Dave always said he looked like a Viking, with his stout body, ginger beard, and wide nose. And it was Kamen who’d first pointed out that his laugh sounded exactly like Bowser’s in Super Mario 64. Now pretty much everyone in the scene called him Bowser, and he was a good sport about it.

He picked up the prepackaged IV needle from the stand. “You sure you want to go through with this? If you’re expecting an important call?”

“Of course.” I flexed my fingers and pulled against the restraints until the cuffs bit into my wrists. My cock rose at the sight of the needle. My tied-off balls were slightly numb.

He unwrapped the needle. “And you’re sure you’re okay with at least twenty-four hours of this?”

Once the saline was in, it would be a day, maybe two before the swelling went down. “I’ve got nowhere to be.”

“All right. Lookin’ forward to seeing how you do with the infusion as opposed to the injection.”

“Me too.” I settled back against the table.

Last time we’d done a saline infusion, Bowser had injected the solution into me. The results had been a general lumpiness to my scrotum that had faded fast. This time we were going to try an IV drip, which we hoped would create a more symmetrical and sustainable swelling. He’d tied off my balls to prevent the solution from getting absorbed too quickly into the rest of my body.

Bowser attached the needle to the tubing and let the solution flow for a few seconds to get all the air out of the tube. With his other hand, he flipped open a bottle of Betadine and pressed a cotton ball to the opening. Tipped the bottle, dousing the cotton ball, then quickly swabbed the center of my scrotum. He let that dry, then used an alcohol pad to swab the area again. I tried not to flinch. No matter how many times I played with needles, there was always something disconcerting about them.

I was the only pain slut in my group of friends. I’d met a couple of others at Riddle, but I remained the most masochistic person I knew. I wanted it all—burning, cutting, piercing, choking, you name it. I wanted to scream, to bleed, and come out the other side feeling shaken and unsure and powerful all at once. I wanted someone to take me to that place, push me beyond what I thought I could endure.

And yet, perhaps foolishly, I wanted it done with love.

“Hold still.” Bowser lifted my balls and deftly inserted the needle under the skin. I breathed through the sting, which was somehow harder to take than many of the worst whippings I’d ever received.

At first I didn’t feel much of anything. But slowly the warm liquid spread, and my sac tightened. The tip of my cock smeared pre-cum over my belly, and my hands balled into fists.

Suddenly, a wave of guilt washed over me.

I wasn’t supposed to be doing this. I was supposed to have given up kink weeks ago. Months ago. And yet here I was, playing doctor with Bowser.

“How’s that feel?” He stroked my swelling balls with one finger.

I trembled, my jaw clenching. I was so sensitive I could have come just from that gentle touch.

What kind of father are you going to make?

“Miles?” Bowser looked concerned.

I nodded, reminding myself to breathe deeply. I shifted as the weight of my balls increased. My legs weren’t cuffed, and I had to struggle to keep my feet in the stirrups. I wanted to press my legs together, do something to lessen the discomfort of being here, completely exposed, with my balls gradually expanding.

Fifteen minutes went by.

Bowser kept stroking. He slid his finger into my ass crack and circled my hole. The rubber tube around my balls was biting into the flesh now, and the IV bag was about two-thirds empty.

“I’m gonna untie this.” Bowser undid the rubber tubing. I watched my massive balls wobble against my groin. Swallowed at the prickling sensation as blood rushed back into the area. It looked like I had a balloon between my legs—the sac taut, every vein visible beneath the skin. The discomfort turned to something closer to pain as I was stretched further.

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