Perfect Timing(4)

By: Brenda Jackson

Maxi then turned the page and glanced at a picture of the guy who had been captain of the football team and the girl who had been captain of the cheerleading squad. Childhood sweethearts, their love had been the ultimate storybook romance. Both had left to attend college in Texas. After college they had married, and he had begun playing professional football. Mya and Garrett Rivers were still happily married and living in Dallas. She and Mya had been the best of friends all through school, each other’s confidantes. But due to a misunderstanding they rarely stayed in touch. The last time she had seen Mya had been two years ago when Mya’s grandmother had died and Mya had returned to Savannah for the services. Before then the last time she had heard from her had been when Mya had called offering condolences after hearing about Jason’s death.


Maxi closed the book and a feeling of loneliness washed over her when she thought about him. They had met at the birthday party of one of her co-workers, Sandra Miller. He had been a neighbor Sandra had invited. Maxi had liked him from the very beginning. He’d been a dynamic conversationalist. And he’d been pretty pleasing on the eyes as well, with his handsome features. He had asked her out and from that night on they’d become almost inseparable. They had enjoyed each other’s company just that much. They’d been dating a little more than a year when he had asked her to marry him. Everyone thought they were the perfect match. And they had wanted the same things out of life—marriage and a big family.

Maxi sighed deeply. The sudden loss of Jason had been a brutal blow. So was the thought that after her surgery, she would never be able to give birth to a child. She shook aside the brief moment of depression, not wanting to bring back into focus her conversation with Dr. Frazier. The last thing she needed was to feel sorry for herself. Seeing those red check marks under some of her classmates’ names, indicating those who were now deceased, had reminded her that at least she was still alive. Five people in her class had died since their last reunion   five years ago. So no matter how big you think your problems are, someone else’s problems could always be bigger, which makes yours relatively small.

Dr. Frazier had been right. Maybe she should consider going on her high school class reunion   cruise. She had always enjoyed the friendships of former classmates and maybe at this time in her life when all seemed bleak, being surrounded by friends was what she needed. Besides, there was a good chance Mya would be going and maybe they would be able to spend some time together renewing their deep friendship that had somehow fallen by the wayside.

Before she had a chance to change her mind, Maxi picked up the phone to call the travel agency that was handling all the arrangements. Since the trip was only six weeks away, she hoped it wasn’t too late.



Christopher Chandler stood in the doorway of his bedroom and gazed upon the naked woman who was lying in his bed. Soft light from a nearby lamp cast shadows over the bed, making the long, slender form that much sexier.

He had spent the biggest part of his day behind closed doors with his top management teams. Everything was finally in place with the Landmark Project. He smiled. He enjoyed working deals, making lucrative investments, and being a mastermind when it came to major construction projects. Those things had made him a fairly wealthy man. And because of his dirt-poor beginnings, he’d sworn never to do without again.

But it seemed that money, especially his, was like a magnet. It attracted a lot of people, some he could just as well do without. Like the woman sleeping naked in his bed. A part of him was angry and upset that she was there and wondered how she had gotten past security. Evidently she had convinced the guard at the gate that she had a right to be there. He shook his head. With a body like hers she could probably convince any man of anything.

He walked toward the bed, deciding that since she had entered his private domain uninvited he may as well make it worth his while before tossing her out on that sweet little behind of hers. Pamela Carlyle was determined to get under his skin and he was just as determined to make sure she didn’t.

No woman got under Christopher Chandler’s skin.

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