Perfect Timing(5)

By: Brenda Jackson

He went into his bathroom and moments later returned stark naked. He walked over to the bar in the room and poured a drink of brandy before walking over to the bed to stand over the sleeping woman. “Pamela,” he said huskily. “Wake up.”

He sipped his brandy and watched as the sound of his voice made her open her eyes. She smiled up at him, stretching against the pillows as her gaze took in as much of him that she could see from her position. “I know what you want, Christopher,” she purred softly, unfolding her naked body in one sensuous curve.

“And I know what you want as well,” he said before tilting the glass he was holding and dripping a small portion of the dark liquid onto the upper part of her body, wetting her breasts. He grinned. “I guess I’m going to have to lick that off you.”

“Yes, I guess you will.”

And he did. But that was just the beginning. One thing Christopher Chandler knew was how to please a woman in bed and went about doing just that. He gave her just what he knew she had come for. She clawed his back, screamed his name over and over again, and bucked against his every thrust before finally reaching a climax that sent her over the edge.

And he followed her, glorying in the feel of being inside a woman who knew just how to work her body to make a man revel in the power of “groan-deep-in-your-throat” sex. This was not lovemaking. This was hot, lusty sex. The satisfying of hormones, the ravaging of passion. It was a good thing he was wearing a condom or else she would have been filled to capacity with his semen. Something he wanted no woman to take into her body since he did not intend to have children. Ever. He would never marry and he refused to have a child labeled a bastard like he’d been while growing up.

Feeling completely spent, he pulled out of her as the aftershocks of both their orgasms still trembled through them. He rose from the bed and went into the bathroom to dispose of his condom. When he returned wearing a robe, she had curled up in his bed and was drifting off to sleep. He walked over to the bed and nudged her awake. “It’s time for you to go.”

She slowly opened her eyes and looked up at him with a languid gaze. “Can I stay tonight?”

“No. I like sleeping alone.”

“I’ll make it worth your while, Christopher,” she promised in a soft, sexy voice, one that no doubt brought most men a quick hard-on.

“You’ve already made it worth my while. Now I want you to leave. After I return from taking my shower I want you gone and the next time I come home and find you here in my home uninvited, I’ll do more than give you a good screw. I’ll toss you out on your naked behind.”

Anger flared in Pamela’s eyes and she reared up at him. “Why you bas—”

“That’s exactly what I am and don’t ever forget it. It describes me perfectly since I have no idea who my father is.” He crossed his arms over his chest. “I like choosing the woman I want warming my bed. Don’t ever put too much stock in anything when it concerns me, Pamela. Understand?”

She angrily tossed her long, shapely legs over the bed. “Oh, I understand, perfectly. But one day you’ll get yours, just you wait and see.”

Christopher smiled. “Besides being a good lay, I take it you’re also a fortune teller as well?” Not giving her a chance to respond he turned and headed for the bathroom then stopped and turned around. “Remember what I said, Pamela. Don’t ever show up here again uninvited.”

He then entered the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

Twenty minutes later when Christopher walked out of the bathroom freshly showered he heard the doors to his kitchen cabinets opening and closing. Thinking that Pamela had not left like he’d told her to do, he tightened the sash of the robe around his waist before angrily leaving his bedroom and walking into the kitchen. “I thought I told you to—”

He stopped upon seeing the person in his kitchen was not Pamela but his best friend Gabriel Blackwell.

Gabe lifted a dark brow. “You thought you told me to do what?”

Christopher frowned. “Nothing. I thought you were someone else.”

“Someone like who?”

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