Perfect Timing(6)

By: Brenda Jackson

“Pamela. She evidently talked the guard into letting her inside here. When I got in she was asleep, lying naked on my bed.”

Gabe grinned. “Must have been some sight.”

Christopher couldn’t help but return his best friend’s grin. “It was.” He then studied Gabe. They had been together the better part of the day going over things at the office and in a long string of meetings. In addition to being his best friend, Gabe was also his business partner. “What brought you by? I wasn’t expecting you.”

“I’m sure you weren’t. I decided to pay you an unannounced visit to make sure you hadn’t brought any work home from the office. You work too damn hard, Chris. What you need is a vacation.”

“A vacation?”

“Yes, a vacation. I order you to take some time off.”

Christopher smiled shaking his head. “You order me?


“That’s cute, Gabe. Real cute.” Christopher gazed at the man standing before him. Their friendship had spanned nearly ten years. After leaving Savannah he had made his way to Detroit where he’d had the good sense to apply for work at a construction company that Gabe’s father owned. The older man had taken him under his wing and later, he had talked him into furthering his education right alongside his son. Christopher decided on a degree in industrial design and Gabe in structural engineering. Then they both graduated with MBAs at the top of their class. Omar Blackwell, who had since retired, had signed ownership of the business over to Christopher and Gabe. Christopher, who never had anyone take an interest in him before, other than a former teacher Mr. Thompson, had felt nothing but gratitude and appreciation for the Blackwell family; a family he’d been adopted into.

“No, Chris, I’m serious about you taking a vacation. Mama’s orders. She’s worried about you. When you were at the folks’ house for dinner on Sunday, she picked up on how tired you looked. And you know Mama. She likes worrying about us.”

“Why didn’t you explain to her that the reason I looked tired was because I’ve been staying up late working on the Landmark deal?”

Gabe shook his head. “That would have only verified her claim that you’re overworked. Do yourself a favor, don’t argue with Mama. Take some time off and go somewhere or you’ll have her breathing down our necks and constantly checking up on us.”

Christopher nodded, knowing Gabe was right. Joella Blackwell was a force to reckon with and they knew when she spoke she meant business. “I’ll call her and promise to take a trip somewhere in a few weeks. There’s no way I can leave now with the Landmark Project nearly finalized.”

Gabe nodded, knowing just how much that particular deal meant to Christopher. “But you do promise to take time off soon? And I mean a real vacation and not one of those ‘let’s make a deal’ business trips.”

Christopher thought for a minute. He had received a newsletter that had been forwarded to him from Mr. Thompson advising him of his high school reunion  , a seven-day cruise to the western Caribbean. He had a mind to go just for the hell of it since most of his former classmates probably thought he was in jail serving time, or even worse, dead. “Yes,” he finally replied. “It will be a real vacation.”

“Okay, then please let Mama know so she’ll stay off our backs.” Gabe laughed. “At least until she decides to stick her nose into something else. She’s still intent on marrying us off so don’t be surprised when she starts sending those single church women our way.”


Garrett and Mya

Mya Rivers looked across the room at her husband who was surrounded by an army of beautiful women. She had long ago learned not to get jealous when it came to Garrett. Some women it seemed liked athletes and cared less for their marital status. In fact they were challenged by it. That was one of the reasons she was paying close attention to the woman standing on Garrett’s right. The brazen hussy had patted him on the butt when she thought no one was watching.

Stopping a passing waiter, Mya took a glass of champagne from the serving tray and took a sip. To toast the beginning of the new football season, the owners of the Dallas Cowboys had thrown this extravagant party. The players would be reporting to training camp next week.

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