Red Wolf

By: Reese Corgan

Red Wolf

An Omega MPreg Series

Book One

Chapter One

The metal door creaks open as I step outside. Just as the sun touches my skin, I can’t help but to smile. It’s been a week since I’ve been out here, but it feels more like a month. With a towel slung over my arm, I can feel a warm breeze come across my face.

Quickly, I hustle to the other end of the pool where I a couple of beta men are talking to each other in the hot tub. I try not to stare at their bare torsos as I hug against the wall on the outside of the building. I see them here every week, and they never seem to notice the presence of a nineteen-year-old omega. That’s fine with me, as I’m instructed to keep to myself.

I only get one hour alone a week, and I spend it every Friday in the sun by the pool. It’s peaceful here, and I can use the sunlight spreading across my skin as an escape from my captive life.

Coming around the corner, I look at the other rooftops. I live in a massive building full of some of the city’s wealthiest people. The pool is located on the tenth floor which gives an excellent view of downtown and the bridge to the neighboring cities. It’s a shame that I don’t have time to enjoy the sights. An hour, after all, isn’t much time, and I never waste a second of it.

I find a lone lounge chair in the back and don’t waste any time getting to it. As quickly as I can, I peel off my shirt, revealing my pallid skin that’s already lost its brown from my last tanning.

While I feel a little embarrassed about the state of my coloring, I don’t have time to worry. Looking down at my ankle, I see the bracelet blinking with a bright green light. With each flash, I’m reminded that I’m not my own being. A wealthy man who lives in this building purchased me on my eighteenth birthday. I try not to remember much of my life before that day– not that it ever became better.

Still, I savor the small moments like spreading suntan lotion over my smooth torso and looking at my reflection in the still, cobalt pool. I can see my round cheekbones, small chin, full lips, and blue eyes. I’m boyish and unassuming– a perfect combination for someone looking for a houseboy.

Strangely enough, my master, Tirk Caron, has never touched me. In fact, part of me thinks that I repulse him. Perhaps he only purchased me because omegas make the best houseboys. We cook, we clean, and all of us are too timid to disobey.

However, thinking about Tirk and his brawny, hair-covered body, I wouldn’t imagine anyone winning a fight against him. In fact, most betas are too scared of Tirk to look him in the eye.

I can hear his voice booming through the apartment, “Bradley!” He always yells so loudly when he calls for me. “Bradley!” Just hearing my name sometimes gives me the chills. But, no, I can’t think of him right now. It’s my one hour of peace– the one thing that I get to look forward to in my pathetic life.

Carefully, I peel down my shorts until I’m resting on the lounge chair in just a bright blue speedo. My perky butt is tightly packed inside of it and the sight makes me feel sexy– something that I never experience… well… ever. Quickly, the sun begins to radiate over my exposed thighs as I sink into heaven.

As not to call too much attention to myself, I kick a bit of my towel over my ankle bracelet. As soon as I cover the blinking light, I finally begin to relax. There are only forty more minutes of my weekly free-time, and I plan on savoring each second of it.

I open a book in my hands, but it feels like no use. I know that I’m not going to read it when I just want to relax. So, instead, I place it next to me on a small, glass table.

After about ten minutes, I turn over to let the sun spread on my back. I don’t like to lay on my stomach for too long as I’m afraid of getting a bad burn. After all, I don’t have anyone else to rub lotion on all of the spots.

I made that mistake on my first day off nearly a year ago. I came home so sunburnt that I could hardly move. Still, Tirk made me work. Each chore was agonizing as I scrubbed the kitchen floor with my shoulder blades that were nearly burnt to a crisp. Even the menial task of putting on a shirt was unbearable.

Another few minutes and I return to my well-lotioned front. The towel came off of my bracelet, so I kick it back on. Just as I lay back to relax, I hear the metal door creaking open again. I assume that it’s the betas leaving the pool area until I catch the scent of something wonderful.

I keep my body still as I take in the scent– no, a musk. It’s thick and heavy and saturating the air around me. The smell is like a fir tree mixed with earth and post-workout sweat.

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