Remy (Skin Walkers Book 10)

By: Susan Bliler


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Chapter 1

“Hello? Hell-O!” When the phone went dead in her hand, Harlow Armstrong frowned and slammed down the receiver. She hated prank calls, but the fact that she’d gotten so many in the past few days was beginning to worry her.

Gnawing her full bottom lip, she quickly flicked off the lamp next to her sofa, instantly bathing her too-small living room into total darkness. For a moment she considered calling the police, but after a quick rehearsal of the anticipated conversation in her head, she quickly discarded the idea. I’m being ridiculous! She flipped the lamp back on and strode determinedly to her curtains, throwing them open in a show of defiance.

“There.” She slapped her hands together and stared out onto the darkened…street. Her heart nearly thudded to a halt when something moved just under the barely-illuminated streetlamp across the road. When a stray black dog wandered into view she clamped a hand over her heart, expelling a harsh breath while shaking her head, the hint of a smile curving her lips. “Jesus! It’s just a dog.” Whirling from the window, she headed for her small kitchenette in desperate need of a hot cup of coffee.


“You’re sure it’s her?” Mason EnemyHunter couldn’t hide the desperation in his tone at the thought that his long search was finally at an end.

Recker took a step back into the shadows beneath a tall elm tree, his eyes still glued to the small female who just nearly had a heart attack at the sight of a stray dog zig-zagging its way down the sidewalk. “I’m looking right at her. Her hair and eye color match yours, and the age is right. I’d dare say she even resembles you.”

Dark eyes slammed shut and his breathing halted. Even while his heart sang, Mason knew better than to get his hopes up yet again. He’d been searching for his sister for the past six years, and after countless unsuccessful leads and a half-dozen wrongful abductions, he didn’t dare trust that he’d finally found her. Taking a deep breath, he opened his eyes. “I don’t want another incident like Aries. You need to be certain, Recker!”

The massive Walker Sentry stepped out into the yellow light of the streetlamp, watching as the woman moved away from the window, disappearing into her apartment. “It’s her, Mason.”

Heaving a weighty sigh, Mason didn’t hesitate to send across the mist--the telepathic means of communication that all Skin Walker’s shared--“Bring her in!”

It was all the direction Recker needed. Lifting one large fist, he held it in front of his face before opening his hand and spreading his fingers wide in a silent command to his team to move into position.


Harlow added cream to her coffee, then savored her first sip. Satisfied, she moved from the kitchenette, snagging her romance novel off the coffee table on her way to her small sofa as she performed a delicate balancing act with her cup, simultaneously fingering through her book to find the dog-eared page where she’d left off.

Halfway to the sofa, some sixth sense had the fine hairs on the back of her neck standing on end. She closed her book, setting it on the coffee table as she turned and strained to listen. Hearing nothing, she was turning back to the sofa when a loud knock at the door evoked a startled shriek. “Shit!” Hot coffee sloshed over the rim of her mug, leaving dark, wet dots on her cream-colored carpet. Anger surged to the fore. She didn’t like to be startled. It evoked bad memories and thrust her instantly on the defensive.

Heart racing at the unexpected visitor, Harlow set her dripping mug on the coffee table at her knee before wiping her wet fingers on her faded jeans. Crossing quickly to the door she tried to quietly latch the chain lock, using her voice to cover the noise. “Who is it?”

“My name is Recker. I need to speak with you.”

Throwing a longing look at her cordless phone lying useless on her coffee table next to her book, Harlow feigned a cheery tone as her eyes shot to her bedroom door. She had a shotgun beside her bed, but wondered if she were being over-cautious. “Don’t know any Recker. I’m afraid you have the wrong apartment.”

“I have the right apartment. Open the door.”

Open the door? His command had her silently cursing the lack of peephole as she slowly backed away from the door, glancing longingly at her bedroom. Okay, that definitely warranted a shotgun response. She hustled toward her bedroom door, snagging her cordless phone on her way with suddenly trembling fingers. She cursed when it slipped from her fumbling hands, bouncing nearly silently on the carpeted floor. “Shit!” she whispered, then offered more loudly, “I don’t know you!” Annoyed at herself now, she added some heat to her tone as she dropped to her knees, snatching up her phone. “Go away!”

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