Resenting Me

By: Crystal Spears

It is because of you that I am still on this series and I plan on going for a few more books. I also want to thank you for all the support you all have given me during the half year that I’ve been sick. I am forever grateful for your kindness.

That said, I will warn you that if you have not read Seize Me, the first in the Breakneck Series, there will be huge spoilers in this book. You will also not understand what is happening. So stop reading this and catch up on the series. I am also warning you that I am going back to gritty and raw. If you can’t handle intense graphic scenes about rape, murder, and vengeance, as well as graphic language, drugs, and heavy emotion, I suggest you stop right where you are.

With Resenting Me, I chose to do mainly behind the scenes with Lana and Pyro. I didn’t want to rewrite a lot of Seize Me. Resenting Me is the very short story of Lana and Pyro. I didn’t fill the pages with useless nonsense. All my readers know that Lana and Pyro’s relationship was very short lived and they didn’t get much time together. I was not about to ruin the little bit of time they did have together by making up pointless stuff. I cancelled this short story twice because, due to the time limit of their relationship, there wasn’t much I could do.

The reason I am releasing Resenting Me is to give you a better understanding of Pyro for when his novel Damaged Me is released. His character will befriend someone in Shadowing Me and Discovering Me. I want my readers to see his emotions as he grows and starts letting people in again. But my readers wanted to know what happened when the storyline in Seize Me didn’t follow them, so here is what happened in my head.

I will warn you though that the last chapter in this novella short is a bit graphic. Please take the above warning very seriously.


Crystal Spears

Oh god! Stefan! I use all my strength to lift one arm up as his footsteps pound towards me. His large body falls next to me, his strong arms lifting me, tucking me closely to his chest. One hand wraps around my neck, forcing me to look up into his beautiful eyes. “Don’t you go dyin’ on me now, baby! Don’t you do it!”

Cold sweeps my body, my eyes begging to close as he rocks me back and forth.

“I...” Gasp. “Love...” Gasp. “You... Stefan.”

“They’re back,” I whisper to Winter as we pick up our clothes and tips, and then head to our break table.

Of course, Winter can do nothing but groan. Pyro is the Vice President of the MC Breakneck. For weeks now, he’s been scouting her for his President’s birthday bash. Again, he’s begging her to take the gig and I kick her under the table and practically purr for her to accept the offer.

See, Winter and I are exotic dancers. I do it for fun and exercise. I don’t need the money and she doesn’t really either. I found Winter running from her past, took her in, and showed her the ropes. Now, we’re roommates and best friends.

So… this thing I have for Pyro runs deep. Something about him just draws me in. It doesn’t help either that he ignores me. Not to be biased or anything, but I think I am beautiful. I’m Hawaiian and need no makeup. I’m also tall. I’ve heard men love tall women.

With a final kick to Winter’s leg under the table, she gives in under the condition that I dance with her, and I can’t help but let the squeal come out and feel childish as it does. This means I get to see more of Pyro and what he’s all about. I stare long and hard as he walks away. Even in his loose jeans, Pyro has a firm ass. The kind of man-ass that makes me want to stand there all day and stare at that one body part, admiring it. Don't even get me started on his green eyes. They are the brightest I've ever seen, and when he tilts down those shades and that boastful yet bright green hits you, you're stuck, frozen in place. Time literally stands still.

But even though I am deeply attracted to him, I want to get to know the real him, yet he won't give me the time nor the day to do that. For now, I'll settle on doing this gig with Star, and just maybe, I’ll get lucky and he'll at least talk to me a little more. If not, I just might give up. Well, shit, that is definitely not going to happen. Besides, Winter thinks that Braxxon Breaker is an old fart. I bet she has this theory going on that he’s dirty or grungy and old, but word is that he is one fine specimen. She comes from a world not too far off of the one we are about to enter, come time for the party, but I can’t help it that I am dragging her into it for my own benefit.

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