Ride with Me

By: Ryan Michele & Chelsea Camaron

“Southern bred, southern fed, and Lux, I’ll damn sure be southern when I’m dead. Love you, babe, but New York ain’t the place to be.”

She laughs, and I bite back my instinct to smile. There isn’t a more beautiful sound in the world than my woman when she is happy.

“Rex, I didn’t say move there. It’s called a vacation.”

“Woman, I own Crews Transports with Tripp. Don’t you know, when you have your own business, you’re married to it!”

She waves her left hand in front of my face, the very hand with my flashy ring on it.

“You could be married to me”—she pauses to meet my gaze—“in New York.”

Reaching out, I grab her skirt-covered hips and pull her to me. Her heels are so high she falls off balance and into me, just how I like.

My woman, my deluxe model, and my soon to be wife, Caroline. She is sassy and classy and, when she needs to be, trashy. She makes my dick hard and my hard-ass heart soften. There is nothing I wouldn’t give her … including a trip to New York.

“Is that what you want?” I ask, knowing damn well I will lay the world at her designer shoe covered feet.

“I have more than I ever thought I wanted already, Rex.” She turns her head away shyly, reminding me just how far we have come.

How did a corporate accountant manager tame me, Mister ‘hit it, get it, and go, no repeats’? Hell, she got me in a damn suit before I could even claim her as mine.

If my Fancy Nancy woman wants to get married in Central Park, then I will make it happen.

“Lux, you know how this works. If you want it, you’ve got it, but baby, you’ve gotta say it.” Leaning down, I kiss her, and when she opens, I slip my tongue inside, getting lost in her mouth.

Her hands immediately go to my hair and release it from the usual knot on the back of my head so she can run her fingers through it. The pull only makes my dick harder as I back us up to our couch.

Sliding her skirt up and over her hips, I find her thigh highs and unclip the snaps to her garter belt so she has room to move as I fall back and take her with me, forcing her to straddle me on the way down.

Breaking our kiss, I growl, “I know what I want right now. You want the beast, baby?”

She purrs against my mouth, “Always.”

“Take it.” I take my hands off her and grip the back of the couch.

She reaches between us and unbuttons my jeans. Then I lift my hips as she slides them off.

Standing back, she unbuttons her top, exposing her lace bra. My deluxe woman teases me as she unzips her skirt and shimmies it down her legs. Unhooking her garter belt from her waist, she then removes it before propping her foot on the edge of the couch between my legs.

Unable to resist, I reach out and run my fingers along the edge of her thigh high before kissing her inner thigh and then putting my mouth against her silk-covered pussy. Using my teeth, I pull at the material and graze her sensitive skin while sliding my hands down her leg, taking her leg coverings off.

She rocks against my face, bringing herself to the edge, her hand on my forehead as she pushes me back against the couch.

“If I want it, I take it, remember?” she taunts.

Unable to sit still as she removes the other stocking and her panties, I take off my shirt and lean back before she climbs over me. And that’s when I slide right into her slick, tight heat.

The sensation of her around my cock has me growing even harder. I grip the back of the couch tightly, trying not to explode like a fifteen-year-old inside a virgin.

She slides up and down as her manicured nails draw patterns over my abs while they flex instinctively. My balls tighten, but I refuse to go off until she’s gotten at least one good one … if not two.

I rock my hips up to match her rhythm as she rides me slowly and steadily. My seductress knows how to play my body like a damn instrument.

Growling, I fight not to lose control and take over because I love when Caroline takes what she wants from me. There is nothing hotter than a woman who knows how to work me up.

Suddenly, my phone rings with Tripp’s ringtone. Dammit, I know I should answer. He’s my club president, business partner, but more than that, he’s my cousin by blood and was raised as my brother. He’s also not one to call unless it’s business for the club or Crews Transports, and occasionally, the call falls into both categories. Either way, he’s not one to simply shoot the shit, so I should answer.

Regardless, my woman is on my cock, so the phone can wait.

As I give my attention back to Lux, my phone immediately rings again with Tripp’s ringtone.


Caroline slides down on my dick and stills. Leaning over, she grabs my phone and hands it to me.

Also By Ryan Michele & Chelsea Camaron

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