Riding Until The End

By: A zayler

My Love Ain't Meant For A Thug III

Chapter One

When a woman’s fed up

“All I’m saying is don’t get in that shit. It ain’t got nothing to do with you, just like it ain’t got shit to do with me. I know that’s your friend and everything, but I don’t give a fuck. I’m not telling your ass that no more.” Congo was lying across the bed playing the game and getting on Honey’s everlasting nerves.

He had been going on and on about her, Arizona, and Toro all morning. She had been on the phone with Z for a few hours, and all he kept talking about was how she was going to be right back with Toro, so Honey needed to stay out of it. Though Honey agreed with him and kind of thought the same thing, she just wished he would shut up about it.

“That’s they shit. They’ve been doing it for years. She ain’t gon’ do nothing but talk shit with you, take his ass back, then kick your ass to the curb because you know all of her business. That’s how y’all do. Which is stupid as fuck, in my opinion.” Congo sat up so that he could see the TV better.

Honey continued rubbing lotion on her arms like she hadn’t heard a word he said. Truth was, she hadn’t. After he’d driven straight home without buying her anything to eat, her talk time was over. There was nothing left to be said. He called himself having a little attitude then fine. He could have one, but she would have one too.

“I know you hear me talking to your red ass.”

Honey got off the bed and grabbed the lotion in her hand. She was about to walk past him and go into the bathroom, but his hand slapping across her butt made her stop. He knew she hated when he did that, but he always found some reason or another to do it. As bad as she wanted to open her mouth and go off on him, she chose not to. That’s what he wanted. He wanted her to act a fool with him, but he had another thing coming.

“So you mad?”

With a roll of her eyes, Honey wobbled out of their room and into the hallway. She picked up her phone, purse, keys, and headed to the door. Before she could even get out of it good he was right up on her. She hadn’t even heard him get up, let alone walk up behind her. Being that his parents’ basement wasn’t that large to begin with, she should have at least heard the bed squeak.

With his hand holding the door to keep it from opening, Congo leaned down and kissed the side of Honey’s face. “You mad, lil fatty?”

Honey looked past him and out the door. She wouldn’t even acknowledge that little comment. She allowed her eyes to roam around the yard as she waited for him to move. The sun was shining, but it was still a little cold. It was the end of January and she would be so happy when the summer came. The cold weather really wasn’t her thing. On top of that, by the time summer came, she would have her body back.

Carrying around another little human was doing numbers on her body. When Honey’s phone started buzzing she and Congo both looked down to see who was calling. When Zay’s name popped up on the screen, she went to answer it but couldn’t because Congo had grabbed her arm. He shook it lightly until her phone dropped. The moment it hit the floor he did the same thing to rid her of her keys and purse.

“Come back in here and let me put you in a good mood.”

“No, thank you.”

“Oh, so you can talk?”

“Yeah. Just not to you.” Honey tried to squeeze past him, but he pressed his body into hers, pinning her against the wall.

He kissed the side of her face, then both of her eyes, finally stopping at her mouth. Since she had been pouting for the last couple of minutes, her lips were poked out. He grabbed onto the bottom one with his teeth and sucked on it. Honey could feel herself weakening as his hands slid around to her back, down over her butt, and onto her thighs. When he pulled her forward, his hand eased between her legs.

“Open these up real quick.” He tapped the inside of her thigh with his pinky finger.

Honey did as requested and gapped her legs open for him. With a quick dip of his knees, Congo bent down and picked her up. With her stomach in the way, she feared that he might not have a tight enough grip around her waist, so she tried to wiggle back to her feet.

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