River James (Rockers Of Steel #3)

By: Mj Fields

When he fell in love, he fell hard. When he lost her, he lost his will.

Drugs, sex, and rock and roll—in that order—became his life.

River James, the drummer for Steel Total Destruction, loved the brotherhood he formed with his unlikely best friend, the band mates from Steel Total Destruction, and the family he found in his label, Forever Four.

Then one tragic accident takes it all away in the blink of an eye. Twisted metal, shattered bones, crushed dreams, and torn wreckage causes deep, dark secrets to be revealed. One collision causes him to lose all hope, with no one but himself to blame.

Now facing harsh realities, which have never been one of River’s strengths, he turns to the sure things in life: drugs and women who oh so willingly give themselves to a tall, dark, and tattooed rocker like him.

Will he find himself in the wreckage of twisted metal and crushed dreams? Or will he lose his way in the smoke and debris?

The first person in her family to graduate from high school and college, Keanna Sutton is flying high on her accomplishments and hard work. She has the career and man of her dreams … or so she thought until she finds out he is cheating on her. Ending the relationship, she begins rebuilding her shattered self-esteem.

Then a chance run-in with a tall, dark, and handsome, silver-tongued drummer tests her strength and ability to hold her own tongue while trying to ignore the implausible attraction to a man she knows will be no good for her.

Now a second run in at O’Donnell’s pub while under the influence of drink, music, friends, and a fight makes Keanna throw caution to the wind, and she finds herself getting rocked the only way a badass like River can: hard and nasty.

Will the hottest night of her life end there? Or will she lose herself in a man who gives no promises except the lady always comes first?

Six years ago…

The first time I saw Jesse, she was wearing a jean skirt with a frayed hem, and she had on knock-off Ugg boots and a Buckeye hoodie, the same shit every girl in this hell hole of a town wore. She was totally townie, but hot as hell.

Her long, strawberry-blonde hair hung to her waist in ringlets, but not the kind of ringlets that came from a salon; that was all her. She had big green eyes and pale skin. She also had a round ass and the biggest tits I had ever laid eyes on when it came to a frame that size. She had curves for days—hell, weeks and months … could have been years…

I was at Roundy’s place. He was a friend of Steps, my cousin, who was three years older than me. I was sixteen years old and hanging out in a trailer in the middle of bum-fuck nowhere, getting fucking high for the first time in my life.

She looked at her friend and then around the smoke-filled room. She appeared to be nervous and immediately asked for the bathroom. I probably should have warned her that she should take her chances out in the woods with the poison ivy instead of going in to that shit hole, but I was high, and the words didn’t form quickly enough.

When she came out, the bowl was being passed around, and she reached for it. Roundy looked at her, nodded, and she hit it hard several times. After a killer coughing fit, she sat down between her friend Tom-Tom and me, looked at me, and nodded with no smile on her face, not even in her eyes.

At the time, it made me laugh. I mean, what the fuck did a girl who looked like that have to be so pissed off about?

“Aw, you’ve got jokes,” she said, rolling her eyes.

“I’ve got jokes for days, red.” I winked.

“Not interested in days,” she muttered, taking the bowl. “Just moments.” Then she hit it.

I smirked. “If I can make you laugh, Joker, you’ve gotta give me something.”

Tom-Tom leaned forward. “If you can make her laugh, I’ll give you a blow job.”

“It’s on, then,” I said to Tom-Tom, a girl I already knew, but winked at the girl who now looked annoyed.

It didn’t take long. Being high probably helped.

When she smiled, I leaned forward then nodded expectantly to Tom-Tom, and Jesse looked annoyed.

“What?” I asked her, still laughing.

“Her or me,” she said, standing up and crossing her arms while glaring down at me.

I looked over at Tom-Tom, and she shrugged.

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