By: Dawn McClure

Assassinating vampires was all in a day’s work … until she became the hunted.

Jade is a vampire assassin for the Alliance, a prestigious group of vampires who consider themselves the elite of their species.

Facing death on a daily basis is part of her job. Yet when a psychic informs Jade her death is imminent, the thought of death doesn’t seem quite so appealing. She changes her fighting tactics in the hope of staying alive despite the dire warning. Her new tactics bring unwanted attention from the human race. Her boss, Ambrose, puts her on probation, and that’s not even the worst of it. Ambrose gives Jade four missions to prove she deserves to remain an assassin. He assigns Samael, a demon from the First Angelic Revolt, to report on her progress.

Samael recently quit his job as a Marquis of Hell to take up an offer to become an assassin. He’s given the assignment to observe Jade and report on her progress during missions. During their first mission together, Samael can see why Jade has been put on probation. She’s a liability to the Alliance. If there’s one thing all immortals understand, it’s not to bring attention to themselves.

But when he finds out why Jade’s fighting tactics have changed in the last few months, he may be too late to save the one woman who has captured his heart.

Chapter One

Gladwin, Michigan

Jade held her cell phone to her ear in one hand, and a live grenade in the other. Getting bitched out by her boss, Ambrose, while trying to take out four vampires was embarrassing. The vampires had excellent hearing, and Ambrose was certainly giving them something to listen to.

“Jade, I’m telling you for the last time. Quit bringing attention to yourself when you’re on missions. That stunt you pulled back in New York was completely asinine. What the hell is wrong with you?”

One of the vampires standing in front of her snickered. She held up the grenade, pin extracted and lying on the ground, and waved it around. The vampire’s smirk melted off his handsome face.

The stunt in New York had been a matter of life or death. A vampire had taken hold of her throat while both were on the roof of a tall building. Either the vamp took the nosedive or she did. Luckily her adrenaline kicked in, and she’d hoisted him over her body in a move that would have made the Hulk proud.

Unfortunately humans had been on the ground to see the vamp go splat. It wasn’t the actual death that annoyed Ambrose—that was to be expected. It was the way she did it that annoyed the shit out of him. Her fighting habits had always been a bane to Ambrose, and lately it had become worse. But she was still breathing after seven hundred years as an assassin. She liked her fighting tactics. Life was good.

According to Alexia, a friend and fellow assassin, Jade had to be extra careful. Lexie was endowed with a special gift—she could see the future, though her visions were never very precise. They came at Lexie in bits and pieces. Apparently Lexie’s latest vision involved Jade dying in the field from a severe cut to her throat. Lexie had described the vision in gut-wrenching detail. A lovely visual Jade could have done without.

Jade shook the visual away. She had to defend her actions in New York. “I didn’t have a choice. I had to toss the bastard head first.”

“Off a building with human onlookers?”

“Well, yeah, that’s where we were.”

Ambrose growled. “And where do you think the body went, Jade?”

Okay, so it splattered on the concrete. Jade bit her lip to keep from laughing. If Ambrose had been there, he would have hunted her down and killed her. After tossing the vamp she’d hauled ass off the building and called the guy who took care of bodies in the area. Suffice to say the guy was less than pleased he had to deal with police. “Would you rather the body had been mine?”

“That is not the point, and you damned well know it. Your fighting tactics have to change. The Alliance eliminates rogue vampires without bringing attention to ourselves. That’s how our species survives.”

A fact she was well aware of. “I’ve been killing for a long time. I’m just spicing it up a bit.”

“Quit with the damned grenades.”

She answered him with one word. “Oops.” Her grenades were specially made by Jimmy, a genius when it came to weaponry. He tricked the grenades out and made them more explosive than your average grenade. Jimmy was her hero.

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