Sassy Road

By: Destiny Blaine

A Heroes and Rogues Story


Knoxville, Tennessee

Sassy positioned herself in front of a long wall of mirrors. Checking out her appearance, she was only slightly aware of Scott Matthews, her personal physical trainer, standing behind her. When she glanced up, the only thing she noticed was his narrowed gaze and set jaw.

Scott was worried about her, and for good reason. She was preparing to enter a war zone, a territorial battle fought between two rival motorcycle clubs. She possessed motive, a solid purpose for pressing forward, rather than delaying her initiative. Her timing couldn’t have been worse, or better, considering how she planned to pursue her enemy and take down a man considered the worst of his kind.

“Are you ready for this?”

“Absolutely,” she replied, tilting her head sideways as she adjusted a low-cut shirt cropped at the waist.

Scott took a deep breath. “You know the MC has a reputation.”

“By the time I leave that God-forsaken clubhouse, I’ll have one, too.”

He grunted. “Sassy, these guys don’t mess around.”

“East Tennessee’s motorcycle clubs won’t know what hit them by the time I’m through with them. You’ve prepared me.”

“Physically, yes. Emotionally? Only you know whether or not you’re ready for what lies ahead.”

“I’ve got this,” she drawled, deciding she looked much healthier than the day she’d walked in there. She’d been rail thin, but hardly fit all those months ago. The plastic surgeon in California had been more than up to the task and not only changed, but vastly improved her overall appearance. She’d been an ugly duckling when she’d first entered Dr. Vaughn’s medical facility. Now, after Scott’s help with physical conditioning, not to mention her new pug nose and fuller cheeks, she was actually pretty.

In many ways, Sassy had a hard time adjusting. Whenever she looked in the mirror, she wanted to leap backwards. The reflection staring back at her made her feel as if she were wearing someone else’s face, stuck in another person’s body.

“You can always call if you need me.”

“I know.” She pushed her natural ringlets over her shoulder. Formerly a dull brunette, Sassy now sported henna red hair noticeably shimmering under the bright studio lights. She observed how her green eyes gleamed, practically sparkled with mischief as much as self-assurance. Compliments of colored contact lenses, her eyes no longer resembled windows with drawn blinds.

Thanks to a tough physical regimen, total beauty make-over, and a pile of self-help books, Sassy finally believed in herself. Someone lived within her skin. A vibrant, young woman with a future her stepfather didn’t stand a chance of destroying would walk away from the upcoming event stronger and more confident, resilient and unscathed.

Retribution was coming. She could almost taste avengement. A tingle rushed up and down her spine as she fought to contain nervous energy. That little twitch she developed as an abused child drew the left side of her face in a sudden spasm. Her mouth quivered. Her head jerked, and her nose instantly flared.

“That’s the dead giveaway right there. Muscle tics are distinct. Damsel lived with you long enough to pick up on sudden simultaneous tremors.”

“I won’t approach Damsel’s MC right away. The Devil’s Angels would suck me up and spit me out.” She blushed when Scott’s jaw dropped. “Figuratively speaking.”

“Let’s hope so.”

“I’ll stick to the plan, Scott. I won’t go near Damsel until I’m sporting a Heroes and Rogues leather jacket. Sliding into the position of your buddy’s old lady will be a piece of cake.”

Scott’s brow furrowed. “Sassy, you have to form a strong connection within the MC or else when you face Damsel, you’ll be on your own. You can’t form a relationship overnight with one of these guys. They’ll be suspicious.”

“I think that depends on the level of determination,” she said confidently.

“I know you believe you can handle whatever the Heroes and Rogues throw your way, but trust me, that group isn’t an organization of peace-lovin’ fellas. I met a few of ‘em back when I rode with the Angels. The club is infested with more rogues than heroes.”

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