Saved by the SEAL(10)

By: Diana Gardin

Stop. Mind out of the gutter, Abbot. You’re here because she needs your help. Not your dick.

“Not really. But…I’d like to get to know you better, Grisham.”

Oh…fuck. When she says my name, something long and forgotten opens up inside my chest like an expanding balloon. Like a dragon, waking up after a long, restful sleep. I reply automatically, before I can think better of it.

“I’ve wanted to know more about you ever since you first batted those long eyelashes at me a couple of years ago.”

Wait…what? What the hell was I thinking, saying that out loud?

My gaze stays glued to her face. I watch a myriad of emotions chase each other through her eyes, and a warm blush spreads over her cheeks. Her eyes widen, and her plump bottom lip disappears between her teeth as if on cue. I can almost count the different ways her body reacts to what I just said, and that’s only while I’m looking at her face.

I can’t help the easy smile that creeps onto my own lips. It’s just too easy to tease her.

“Do you not realize that you’re hot as the freaking sun, Greta? Any guy would want to get to know you better.”

She drops her gaze to our plates and finishes filling them with food. It’s a physical thing…how much I want to get close to her right now and make her look at me.

She slides a plate across the bar top toward me and brings hers around to sit beside me. She climbs up onto her stool and I reach out a hand and place it on her lower back to make sure she’s steady as she settles herself. The warmth emanating from her is addictive; I don’t move my hand right away. I hear her quick intake of breath as my hand smoothes across her shirt, cupping her tiny waist. I pull her toward me, and her stool scrapes against the floor. When she meets my stare under long, dark lashes, I grin.

“Much better.” She clamps down on her bottom lip, and my eyes are drawn there instantly. God, she’s sexy. It takes everything I have to tear my eyes away from her mouth and focus on my food.

I cut a piece of chicken and stick the bite into my mouth. “Oh…damn, girl. I haven’t had a home-cooked meal in…I can’t even remember how long. This chicken is delicious.”

Her face breaks into a true, ungrudging smile that steals my breath away. “Thank you. That makes me feel good. Don’t you ever go home and have dinner with your parents?”

I snort. “Yeah, occasionally if I can’t avoid it. But having dinner with my parents means going out or ordering in. My mom doesn’t cook.”

She gasps, her fork frozen halfway to her mouth. “Never?”


“I mean…nothing? Like, not even grits for breakfast?”

I burst out laughing. “Of all the things…grits? Is that something you have to have? My parents are both originally from Illinois. So no grits.”

She nods, quick and passionate. “Oh my word, yes. I need my grits. And I like to make ’em with plenty of butter. And cheese…ohhh, yeah. Definitely cheese.”

Still laughing, I wipe my mouth with my napkin. “Well, aren’t you just the cutest southern girl.”

We eat in silence for a few minutes before I think about what she said and start laughing all over again. She smiles over at me, her face shining with pure light. I reach over and brush her cheek with the back of my hand, because I can’t not touch her in that moment. Her pupils dilate at the contact, and I can see the breath hitch with a quick rise in her chest. I’m lost in the deep blue of her eyes for a moment, and the connection between us pulls taut.

“Grits.” My voice is hoarse with lust as I chuckle, shaking my head.

“You won’t be laughing in the morning when I make them for you.” She fires it right back at me, which causes my grin to grow.

“No, I’m sure I won’t. But I do like the idea of you cooking for me again in the morning.”

I wait for it…and there’s the blush.

This is going to be a really entertaining night.

After dinner, it’s still pretty early, so we settle onto the couch. Greta sinks into the cushions on one end, and I settle down in the middle not too far from her. My body lists in her direction, itching to move closer, but I don’t want to crowd her.

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