Saved by the SEAL(113)

By: Diana Gardin

The slightly broken look in my mother’s eyes when he leaves to go “home” is another reason I have no desire to become a military wife.

There’s a car idling at the end of our long driveway, far enough away from the house to be inconspicuous. When Mea opens the door to the backseat, I’m greeted by her brother, Mikah, who is a couple of years younger than us, and one of his friends.

“Hell, yes.” Mikah grins over the driver’s seat at me as I climb in. “Welcome home, Berk baby.”

Mea slams the door behind me and sends me a smug smile as we buckle up.

“Have they been waiting out here the whole time?” I’m already feeling bad for Mikah and his bleary-eyed friend.

“Mikah has been on text alert all night,” she answers. “I sent him a message when the Admiral came in.”

I nod. “Get me the hell out of here, Mikah.”

Chuckling, he takes off, and the large muffler on the little beater he’s driving revs loudly. “I’m glad you’re home, Berk.”

I smile at him. But the jury is still out on whether or not I’m happy about being back in Lone Sands. If it’s up to my parents, I won’t be staying long.

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