Saved by the SEAL(8)

By: Diana Gardin

I’m simultaneously filled with panic and euphoria.

Mea’s full mouth stretches into a slow smile. She bounces on her tiptoes, causing her array of lustrous dark brown curls to shimmy.

“Don’t be silly. I hadn’t even picked up my phone yet! What did he say?”

She flies over to where I’m standing, and I hold out my phone so she can see Grisham’s text.

“See?” Her face is full of mirth. “Text him back!”

I hesitate, biting my lip as I think. Then I send Grisham a response:

I’m hanging in there. A little headache but nothing I can’t handle.

Mea reads over my shoulder. Frowning, she huffs out a disappointed breath. “Boring.”

My eyes widen as I stare at her. “Mea! Am I supposed to sext the guy during our first convo?”

Her nod is solemn. “Absolutely.”

Now it’s my turn to throw up my arms at her utter hopelessness.

My phone vibrates, and I glance down at it with eager eyes.

Glad to hear it. You gotta watch that pretty head of yours when U R surfing alone. Don’t forget to have your roommate wake you up every couple hours tonight for the concussion.

Huh. I’d actually forgotten all about those doctor’s orders. “Mea, can you—”

“Nope!” she sings happily. “Can’t, sweetie. I’m staying at my cousin’s in Wilmington tonight. In fact, I don’t even have time to stay for this delicious dinner you cooked. I have plans.”

I stare at her, my eyes narrowing into suspicious slits. “Since when?”

“Since right now.”

I grab the dish towel and throw it at her head. “You little devil! I need you! I have a freaking concussion!”

She grabs my phone and runs to her room, slamming the door behind her.

“Mea!” I take off after her. My fist thuds against the wood of her door. “Don’t do anything stupid! I am begging you!”

She opens the door a crack and hands me my phone. “I have to pack. You’re welcome, babe.” She closes her door again with a firm click.

“Ohhhhh, you little…” I pull my eyes back down to my phone and they widen at the text I supposedly just sent to Grisham.

Actually I’ll be waking myself up tonight. My roommie is in Wilmington for the night  You think I’ll be OK?

Just reading that text is making my skin heat with a furious blush. Why…why is there no way to take back a text after it’s already been sent? I stare in misery at my phone, waiting for his response. If he even—

My phone dings.

And my heart stops beating.

Mea is amazing.

Um, no. Actually that’s not OK with me at all. I’m packing a bag. B there in 30 mins. U hungry? I can pick up dinner.

If he were here, I’d be stuttering my response. But even as my heart is beating a rhythm so rapid it could run right out of my chest, my brain finally kicks into high gear. I type out a response, telling him that I’ve already prepared dinner and that I have plenty to share. Then I hold my phone to my chest and try to tamp down the enormous smile that wants to crack my face in two pieces.

Grisham Abbot doesn’t want me to sleep alone tonight.

He’s on his way over to my apartment this minute.

My stomach sinks with dread at the exact moment that my heart takes flight.



In my Jeep driving to Greta’s, I’m arguing with myself like a crazy person.

So much for walking away, half of me is thinking.

But the other half is of a different opinion.

She needs you tonight. Just for tonight. You’d be a jerk if you didn’t help her out.

My head bobs in a firm nod. What kind of guy would I be if I let a girl with a concussion sleep on her own? As someone who’s had plenty of concussions before, thanks to football and active duty military service, I know a thing or two about concussion care. And she needs to be woken up so that someone can check her for signs that her condition is worsening. The doctor said that her concussion was mild, but still.

You can’t take chances with these types of things.

I can’t help it when my lips pull into a small smile at the thought of seeing her again. The last time I saw her in her sleepwear…damn.

That thought goes straight to my quickly hardening cock, and I reach down to adjust myself because that shit hurts.

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