Seize (St. Martin Family Saga)

By: Gina Watson

Emergency Responders Series Book 2

Chapter 1

Augustine Charles Roy had been tailing Eve’s sister, Mia, for a few hours. She’d fueled up her car, picked up a bicycle from the shop, gone to the post office, and done her grocery shopping. Now she seemed to be heading back home. That worked out well for him because he’d be able to introduce himself to her and then they could drive to Toronto where he would deal with Nicolas Renaud, her sister’s abusive husband.

He followed her out of town. From the file Augie’d compiled, he knew she lived with her mother outside the tiny Ontario town of Elora, a town so small one artery was all it took to lead a driver in and out.

It wouldn’t do to be spotted, so to put space between them, he stopped at a convenience store to pick up a pack of smokes. Walking out to his car, he felt the wind pick up. He lit a match and cupped it to light the fresh cigarette between his lips.

He’d memorized the directions to her country home. He made the turn and felt the earth shift beneath the car. The ground wasn’t completely dry, and the soft terrain made the steering loose. Her car was parked in front of a modest log cabin. First thing Augie noticed were two sets of tire tracks, the second set leading off to the side and possibly around the back of the house.

He parked his car in a bank of trees and stealthily approached the log home. He was alone, with no backup and no one to call. Recon was a necessity, and the extra time now might save both of their asses later. He skirted the side of the home, stopping at the back edge. He peeked around his corner and was able to confirm an additional vehicle on the scene. And not just any vehicle, but a buffed and shined Chevrolet Tahoe with illegal-grade tint and wireless amplifiers with cellphone signal boosters sprouting from the roof. Plates were Illinois.

Before he’d left Baton Rouge, Augie had compiled a file on Nicolas Renaud. He was into some heavy and illegal shit and had been connected to members deep within the National Crime Syndicate, an organized crime organization with connections all across the globe. Several of Nicolas’s connections operated out of Chicago. The man was crooked through and through. So crooked, his picture was on America’s top one hundred most wanted criminals list.

Augie inched his way to a high window and peered in. Immediately his skin pricked and his mouth went dry. One man leaned against the kitchen counter, casually cleaning under his nails with a wicked-looking knife. A second man had Mia’s arms locked behind her in a tight grip. One meaty hand was around her throat.

Shit, he’d have to act quickly to get her out of there alive.

“Stop it you idiot. Renaud wants her alive.” The man against the counter said.

He heard Mia wheeze and gasp for breath.

With his back hugging the house, he organized his thoughts. If he took out the guy at the counter first, the fat guy could hurt her, kill her even. He’d have to go for the one with his hands on her. The element of surprise would have Thug Two moving slowly. Augie had no weapons but himself, so surprise would need to work.

Without further thought, he used his foot to bust through the door. Pudgy hands groped at her breasts and between her legs. She’d scratched her attacker’s hands bloody, but that had provoked him to squeeze tighter. His hands were on her neck again. Her eyes met Augie’s, and she sputtered something inarticulate before passing out. Her attacker dropped her to the floor. The guy behind Augie began to move, so he lunged at the large man in front of him, knocking him to his back. He pelted his face with blow after blow, intending to take care of Thug Two first. He felt the give of the man’s jaw and watched blood spatter on the floor. The pain pounding at his knuckles suddenly connected with an excruciating snap radiating from his skull; slivers of wood rained down around him. He fell to the side but kept moving, and rolled until he was on his feet. The guy on the floor choked and coughed up blood, but the other guy was in better shape and had a knife.

Blood trickled into Augie’s eyes, blurring his vision. Thug One lunged at him, but Augie ducked and, using his own weight, he bent the knife-wielding arm at the elbow, dislocating it. An agonized scream arced through the air, and the attacker backed away. The fat man was up, swaying.

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