Sergio's Obsession

By: Fel Fern

Darkfall Mountain Pack 3

Chapter One

“We’ve sent the checks out to the families of the victims. The Fredes family’s eldest kid is out of surgery, and will be fine. Aside from the cost of rebuilding the damaged establishments, that’s the extent of the damage. The funds—” Michella began.

“Money is not the fucking problem.” Sergio Esteban, Alpha of the Darkfall Mountain Pack, instantly regretted his outburst a second later.

Most humans, even members of his pack, would flinch at his unexpected flare of anger. Among the members of the supernatural community, Alphas were known to have a short fuse. Sergio by comparison, always approached any problem thrown at him with cold logic and reason, which made him an effective leader. When he got pissed, there was reason.

Michella didn’t flinch or offer her throat to him in submission. His little sister and pack Gamma coolly regarded him for a second. She didn’t sass back, but let him had his fill. Among them, she’d always been the most patient.

“Those hunters sauntered into our territory slinging heavy ammunition and open-fired on the humans we swore to protect. Not to mention they targeted one of my own wolves. Someone has to pay,” Sergio said, tone laced with heat he didn’t bother hiding from his siblings.

Sergio didn’t miss the concerned glance she directed to Alessio, their brother and Beta. Tension brewed between them, but Michella and Alessio understood where his rage stemmed from.

They’d been with him right from the start, when the little town of Darkfall had been a warring ground for various animal groups vying for dominance. Sergio, Alessio and Michella set the rules back when they were pups themselves, learning the ropes. Made hard choices and sacrifices to ensure their land became safe haven for the humans and paranormals living in it.

Darkfall had a black reputation, and they made sure it stayed that way so larger and badder monsters wouldn’t target their little slice of heaven…until yesterday. Sergio couldn’t put all the blame on Harley.

His pack member found his vampire mate, saved him from a dangerous organization of hunters, but the killers wanted retribution for their dead comrades and something else. A mystical relic Sergio’s old friend once entrusted to him. The relic was back in its vault, thank God. Sergio would shudder to think what would happen if the Order of the Knife, an overzealous anti-supernatural organization, do once they had their hands on that kind of power.

Harley and his mate were alive, the other wolves involved would recover, but the rest of the town wouldn’t.

Sergio only needed to take one look. See the bullet-ridden buildings, the corpses, and signs of violence the hunters left behind to understand he’d failed. For ten fucking years, Darkfall was his. They worked in tandem with the local human authorities, knew every one by name, hell, and even hosted holiday events together. Sergio didn’t realize along the way, he’d grown cocky, complacent, and soft.

Closing his eyes briefly, Sergio calmed his surging beast. As the anchor grounding the rest of his wolves, Sergio knew those nearby would sense his lost control. The last thing he needed was more anxiety and panic.

“We couldn’t have predicted this would happen. No one could,” Alessio said, clasping his shoulder.

Sergio pushed his hand away in annoyance. Alessio might be blood, his right-hand man, but he wasn’t the Alpha. He didn’t comprehend the weight of the lives they’d lost during the chaos. Ignoring his brother, he turned to Michella. She looked at him warily now, as if she knew what the glint in his eyes meant.

“Michella, is the Silverback Pack open to negotiations?”

She grew still at those words. “Brother, you can’t seriously be considering that option. There must be another way,” Michella whispered.

“What option?” Alessio demanded, narrowing his eyes.

Sergio looked again with different eyes, past his siblings and shielded his eyes from the sun. At twelve-thirty in the afternoon, the two-story establishments lining Darkfall’s main street looked lazy, charming almost—if Sergio ignored the evidence left behind by the hunters. Some sold antiques. There was a dance studio that catered exclusively to kids to his right. A grocery to his left and beside that, a diner and old-fashioned soda shop. On the surface, Darkfall looked like the sort of place city slickers wanted to spend the weekend in.

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