She Use to Be the Sweetest Girl(3)

By: Linette King

Anyway, my best friends are Bianca James and Amber Thompson. You ever have that best friend that you’re closer too? Well that’s Amber because she’s so much more down to earth than Bianca is. Amber is light skinned and slightly shorter than me, standing at 5 feet even. She’s chunky but very beautiful, she just doesn’t know it. Bianca is dark skinned with a big butt and big breasts. She’s taller than us both, standing at 5’4” with a gap toothed smile and a tongue ring. Amber is the quiet one out of the group but she has the quickest temper. It takes little to nothing to set her off and it’s funny as hell to watch her scrap.

Bianca has a big mouth and her bark is way harder than her bite! She’s one of those people that will scare you off during the argument but if that didn’t work, she would act like she didn’t have time to fight. Me, well I’m just me. I’m pretty sure there are people at school that don’t like me, but no one has ever picked with me. I’ve never been in a fight outside of fighting my sister Antoinette, so I really don’t know what I can do.

“You getting off?” Ms. Franklin asked me as she looked at me in the mirror. I nodded my head and quickly made my way to the front of the bus so I could get off and walk the rest of the way to West High School in Memphis, Tennessee.

As I made my way up the block, I could hear loud music blaring from the speakers of a car driving up behind me. If it was anything other than Nicki Minaj, I would have ignored it but I knew it was only Amber. I quickly hopped in the back because Bianca was in the front seat.

“I don’t know why you won’t let me just pick you up from home girl. It will save you some time.” Amber said but I didn’t respond.

I just nodded my head to beat of Nicki Minaj and Ciara’s song that’s called “I’m Legit”. We pulled in the parking lot and agreed to link up during lunch so we could chat like we did every day at school.

Darnell (Murda) Jones

I woke up early in a good ass mood this morning and I have no idea why. Shit, I really don’t have shit not to be in a good mood about because all my traps jumping! I’m 26 years old with no kids, a couple of houses and a couple of bitches. I really don’t have my ass on these hoes though because I’m focused on the money. Ever since I was a little gent, I wanted to be a rapper but growing up in the hood, the streets took over.

I was born into this shit, so it’s most definitely true when some niggas say the streets chose them. Back in the day, my granddad ran the streets of Memphis with an iron fist until he passed away from colon cancer. He left everything to my dad, Donnie and his twin brother Ronnie. Together they groomed me to run it so they could chill out once I was ready.

See me, I don’t leave nothing to chance or no stone unturned; especially when there’s a snake in my midst. You know what? That may be what I’m so happy about. I finally caught up to Pee Wee’s little egg muffin head ass. I recently put him over a trap house on the east side but when Animal, my right hand man, went to collect from him Wednesday, he was gone. Nothing was missing from the trap house and he wasn’t short. My problem was and still is that he wasn’t there. Anything could have happened and I’m normally not a could have, would have ass nigga. Right now, I’m a should have ass nigga because Pee Wee should have had his ass in that trap house with at least four soldiers backing him up.

It’s now Friday and the nigga is still missing in action. I know I made a mistake and let Toto know that I was looking for him without thinking that Toto is his cousin. Yesterday, I ran up in Toto’s shit and fucked him up something serious just because I thought he opened his mouth to Pee Wee. This nigga denied it the whole time I was kicking his ass in front of his baby mama and three-year-old son, so I believed him. Well I hope he wouldn’t lie but aye to be real, he knows I would have murked him and his whole family on the spot had he admitted to running his mouth about some shit he ain’t have nothing to do with.

Animal hit me up last night and let me know that Pee Wee be hitting this old thot broad not far from the trap house and that’s why I’m up. My plan is to swing through and catch him on his way out. We’re going to snatch his ass up and see what his problem is, then solve it for him.

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