She Was a Friend of Mine 5:Death Pool(10)

By: Jasheem Wilson

“Did you ask her Louise?” Louise’s twin asked in a more feminine French accent.

And for the first time since Corban burst in the room Louise moved. Turning towards her sister she said, “Je posais simplement Thelma.” Sasha’s teeth were chattering she was so scared. Louise turned her attention back to Sasha and smiled. “Where were we? Scheyenne?”

Sasha filled her lungs and screamed.

Chapter 11

We were getting on a Party Bus to take us to City Nights in San Francisco for the self-proclaimed biggest Halloween Bash Ever. Ra’Nee was juiced because Halloween was on a Thursday so the City Nights Halloween Bash was being held on her birthday.

So, Ra'Nee, Diamond and I met around noon and spent the day getting ready for the night. We did a little bit of last minute shopping for our costumes and Ra’Nee’s presents. It was more than a little hard trying to shop for the hoe while she was there. She was just too nosey and all up in every bag we got.

I ended up letting her pick out a few pair of shoes I refused to give to her until her party. I really didn’t need to buy her ass anything because I was smart enough to get her real gift beforehand. I just wanted to make her day hella special. I wanted to surprise her and I knew buying her gifts in front of her would make her think that’s what she was getting. She didn’t have to know about the completely new station set. I got that girl new, expensive ass, ceramic platinum plated flat irons, hot combs, hand blow drier, the works. Everything had her name engraved in it and I knew she was going to die when she saw it. She’d been complaining about needing new equipment since a week after my first shop opened.

We left the mall around four and decided to stop off at the Safeway in Menlo Park. I don’t know why I didn’t go to the one in Palo Alto but hey, we made it to one. We got out of my BMW noisy as hell as we walked into Safeway to grab a bottle of Ra’Nee’s favorite. Hennessey.

Josh called me when we were in the alcohol isle looking at the alcohol in the case. I ducked away and answered the phone.

“I’m about to leave,” he said when I answered the phone. “I should be there by nine or ten, we not going ‘til eleven right?”

I didn’t answer right away. I didn’t want him coming but Ra’Nee somehow managed to get a hold of him and invite him. And so he was coming, no matter how much bitching and moaning I did. I wasn’t ready to take Josh out and about around the Bay. Shit, I hadn’t even really been out and about with him in L.A.

“Yeah,” I said thinking about our relationship and wondering, do I really wanna be wifey to a king pin? Again?

“’ight, let me grab my bag and stuff and I’ll call you when I get in the car.”

“Okay,” I said hanging up and thinking about all that I had on my plate and how it was doing nothing but filling up more and more.

I was walking down the ice cream isle on my way back to the girls and the liquor. I knew they were more than likely still standing there since they had to wait for someone to come and open the glass.

I heard someone yelling for someone in the isle behind me. I ignored it and was ready to round a corner when I saw a box of Choco Tacos and almost melted. I ain’t had a Choco Taco in a minute.

I opened the freezer door and reached in to get me a box when I heard someone a little too close to me say, “…you act like you don’t know no one no mo’e Mah. I thought we was better than that.”

I stood up with my box.

“Hi, Dior.”

My heart skipped a little and not in a good way.

Chapter 12

This nigga Lance was standing right there just a cheesin’. I slowly started to sidestep in order to let the freezer door close.

He still thought my name was Dior. I hadn’t told Bey-Bey that he thought my name was Dior and I didn’t know how. Shit, that meant telling her that he might also think I work at my shop, not own it.

Then she’d have to lie and I really thought they’d make a nice little couple. I mean, Lance was really a cool dude. I just wished he’d give his cool attention to someone else, someone like Bey. Taking a deep breath I hopped that maybe it wouldn’t get weird. Maybe the nigga was here to tell me about his new relationship.

I mean, I knew were going to have to talk one day. I just hopped with every inch of me that it wouldn’t get weird though I knew him just being there was. Being at the same Safeway over twenty miles from his stamping grounds. What the fuck is he doing here? I thought as he looked down at my hand. I saw his face twitch a little and could swear I saw fifteen different emotions cross his face before he settled back on a smile.

“Hey!” I finally got out into the tense silence.

“So, you’re married now?” he asked as I attempted to sidestep him and go back to the liquor isle.

I didn’t know what to say to him. I mean, yeah, I had a new addition to my finger.

But he’s with Bey.

Besides, he shouldn’t have been surprised. After all the story I told him about a fiancé in Iraq was falling into place.

Yeah, I told him that my fiancé left me for the war and I was mad at him. And when he was gone Lance and I met. I told him when we met I was confused and angry, I didn’t know what I wanted. I apologized to him because now that my fiancé was home from the war, I told him I owed it to him to work it out. I loved him.

Also By Jasheem Wilson

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