She Was a Friend of Mine 5:Death Pool(2)

By: Jasheem Wilson

“Fuck!” she screamed, as she jabbed at the button.

The transmitter was only supposed to be activated if she was hurt, or her mission was finished, and she needed to be evacuated.

Five minutes after she pressed the button, she heard sirens and then an explosion as the front door was blown off the hinges.

“In here! I’m in here!” Vicky yelled, hoping they could hear her voice, because she sure couldn’t.

The first face she saw was Gwen’s. She lowered her gun as agents rushed in and fanned the room.

“He… he…” she was going into shock.

Next thing she knew, she was ripped away from Shi’s body as the EMT’s took over.

Part 1: Kill Boo

Chapter 1

I was officially wide open. Josh had me doing the most.

After we left Dr. Richards’, we made it official. We went to Vegas and I was one Kamikaze away from the little white chapel saying, “I do, Mr. Elvis.”

It was crazy and moving so fast. And I loved it.

Niema was gone and I was Shi, and only Shi. That’s all I had to be around Josh. Since there was no more Niema, that meant there was no more Serena and no more Dior.

Serena was an internet personality, so it was easy getting rid of her with no loose ends. All I had to do was delete her profile.


I mean, it would have been easy if Lance did not have my phone number and knew where I worked. I could have easily avoided my shop, which I managed to do, but I could not do that forever. I mean, I was trying to open a new one. Problem was, if I knew Lance, he would be sitting outside waiting. Therefore, I did the unthinkable.

I texted him.

I know… I know… so fucked up, but I just couldn’t face him. He was just too much, too full of emotion. Too thirsty and it was not a good look on a dude in his thirties.

I texted him, told him I was sorry for playing with his emotions, and that my fiancé, who just came home from Iraq, and I were back together.

Yes, I had a whole story about how the ring was his; he proposed to me and then took off for the war, leaving me behind and all alone. I thought it was a good and understandable way to let him down, without hurting his feelings so much. It was a much better way than telling him that truth.

Just to soften his ego and so I didn’t feel so bad before renaming him “Do not Disturb”, I told him I still cared about him and then gave him the whole, “different time, different place” scenario.

It took six long, multimedia texts, which had a fifty-fifty chance of getting to him with AT&T’s fucked up service.

However, he got it, and I knew he did because my mailbox was full within fifteen minutes. I rolled my eyes, happy his texts were being rerouted.

I felt bad for him, but he was a good catch. He’d find another woman, someone better than me, because I wasn’t gon’ be nothing but a dog to that nigga.

The only other thing I needed to worry about was Ra’Nee. Oh, she was gon’ be pissed, because I didn’t get the loan first.

I didn’t feel like hearing her mouth, so before I told her anything, I went to my credit union   and spoke to my personal banker. I filled out an application for a business loan. My personal banker, Kathleen, told me I’d need to find a location and have my business proposal and plan on her desk within the week. She said she’d see what she could do about fast tracking it.

I was just going to have to tell Nee-Nee that was the best I could do for her.

I decided to call her, because I knew a text would just lead to a call anyway. I broke the news to her about the loan I applied for and everything Kathleen said.

“As long as you get my loan,” she said, and that was that.

All loose ends were tied up for Dior, Niema was now gone.

And now I was happy, Shi was happy; on cloud nine; walking on the moon.

I was being me and Josh loved it.

I loved it.

But being Shi has brought me nothing but trouble, and I was sure trouble was coming. But until then, I decided to enjoy the calm.

Chapter 2

Dr. Winters spent most of her time thinking about Ryan Scott. At first, she was able to forget about him. She was able to go home and leave it all behind, as everyone else seemed to do. She was able to move on with her messed up life.

However, not this time.

He’s just a baby, Dr. Winters thought, standing in the elevator. She’d been standing inside with her hand hovering over the button that would take her down into the “Black Hole”.

She was supposed to go home thirty minutes ago. In fact, she’d have been gone, had she not been thinking about Ryan Scott and the vacant plea his green eyes silently screamed.

She was so conflicted.

“Ebony,” she said, thinking of her sister again. “What should I do?”

What would you do?

Her sister was brave and strong. She never went with the norm and no matter what; she did what was right.

What the fuck am I doing? Dr. Winters wondered, feeling stupid for still idolizing her older sister. The woman wanted nothing to do with her.

Dr. Winters kept the hope that she and her sister would have what they once had again. That’s why she kept telling herself, “Burned bridges can be rebuilt with time”.

Grabbing the long, thick hair, which fell to the middle of her back, Dr. Winters quickly pulled it up in a ponytail.

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