She Was a Friend of Mine 5:Death Pool(4)

By: Jasheem Wilson

Fantasy froze at the sight of Tammy laying on the bed face down with her hands cuffed behind her back. She stepped back and pressed her back to the side wall as she saw the figure in the sky masked hunched over who she knew was Faith.

Heart pounding Fantasy tried to control her breathing as she inched back down the hall to the lite kitchen. Running her eyes across the dark living room she hurried to quickly and silently to the oven. Looking around she spotted her phone on the kitchen counter. The thought that the police never did anything to help her stopped her from dialing 911.

She went for her phone when the thought to call Shi popped in her head.

No! she thought looking up to the cabinets over the stove where they kept the gun Shi left there. They’d taken it out of the room so it was not out in the open.

Stuffing her phone into her pocket Fantasy rose on tiptoes hoping the stove didn’t make any noise under her weight. The cabinet glided opened. She pulled down the Crisco tub and quickly pulled out the .22 tucked inside.

Her muscles relaxed as she felt the power of the pistol in her hand. Holding it up to her chest she crept to the hall and peeked around. Swallowing she tried to still her nerves.

Pointing the gun out in front of her Fantasy took off silently down the hall in her socked feet. The floor did not announce her as she made her way closer and closer to Shi’s room at the end of the hall. When she made back to her breathing spot she placed her back up against the wall. Closing her eyes, she tried to stop her hands from shaking.

Steading herself Fantasy took a deep breath and stormed into the room gun pointed straight. The slim figure in the ski mask had it’s back to her.

“Put your hands up!” Fantasy barked in a deep voice she was sure was how she’d sound as a man. It was so deep and rough. “Turn around?”

Fantasy tried to keep her eyes on the figure as its hands went up.

Faith and Tammy looking roughed up but still alive were each sitting on the floor at the edge of the bed. They looked up at Fantasy with eyes mixed with fear.

“Who are you?” Fantasy asked in the same deep voice when the figure in the sky mask turned around. The voice which seem to come from the .22 not her.

Fantasy hoped the gun was as easy as it looked.

“Point and shoot,” Shi had instructed her in case something just like this happened. Fantasy knew they were being robbed and the police would take too long to get there.

The hand in the air on the right reached down and pulled the sky mask up. Once the woman’s head was free of the ski mask, she shook her dark hair which framed her dark face.

Fantasy stared at the woman with high cheekbones and tight eyes.

Fantasy would have thought the woman was full black had she not heard the French in her accent.

“Thelma,” she said smiling a pearly white smile.

Fantasy swallowed hard, the woman’s cool and calm demeanor scared her. Fantasy’s arms started shaking.

“What—what do you want?” Fantasy got out of her mouth trying to steady her hand.

“Nous avons juste quelques questions pour vous?” the dark skinned woman voiced with a large white smile.

“What? English?” Fantasy barked, gun shaking.

“I said,” Thelma said slowly in English with a thick French accent. “We ‘ave a few questions for tu?”

“Me?” Fantasy stuttered. She’d never seen the woman before and had no idea who she was. And it struck her, maybe the woman was the wife of one of her clients.

“All of you Beautiful,” she said.

“We? Wait who is we?” Fantasy asked looking behind her quickly. Seeing nothing she focused her attention back on Thelma. “Who is we?”

“My sister, Louise,” Thelma said. “She’s est, like you.”

“Is she here? Where is—” Fantasy froze when she felt the gun push into her back. A soft hand touched the side of her face.

“Shhhhh, Beautiful. I’m right here,” Fantasy heard a deep French accent say from behind her. “Now, who are tu?” Louise asked pushing Fantasy forward with the gun.

Chapter 4

My loan was still in the pending status, but Kathleen told me that everything was looking good, and I should start looking for a place. I didn't find a problem with that, seeing as it meant I'd be spending a considerable amount of time away from my shop. The shop, I was certain Lance would stake out.

Working from home, I discovered a few places. The first one was in Menlo Park off Willow Road. It wasn't exactly what I was looking for. I was looking for my own space, but they were looking to share space. I liked the old men inside Mark's Style and even though they made me feel as if I was the only girl in the world, this was business. It was not a good look for me to be running my business from inside their business. I needed my own shit.

Letting them know l would be in touch, I decided to make my way to my meeting at the shopping center in East Palo Alto off 101.

I drove back up Willow Road, instead of taking the freeway. I had a little time to kill before I was supposed to meet the real estate people for Ravenswood 101.

I was at the light on Willow and Newbridge, getting ready to make a right turn. I was chilling with the windows down as I let the warm air circulate through my car to the tunes of Chrisette Michele. When I made the right onto Newbridge, I saw it.

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