She Was a Friend of Mine 5:Death Pool(5)

By: Jasheem Wilson


I quickly put on my blinker and turned into the Kitty's Cleaners parking lot.

There sitting right next door to Kitty's Cleaners; it the same place it had always been.

I knew it was perfect before I even thought it.

Even though Ravenswood 101 would have been the prime location, with Ikea there and all the food places, this place held a world of sentimental value.

As I was sitting in my car, staring up at the place with tears in my eyes, I knew Sister Fritzy's old shop was going to be the home of my new one.

Chapter 5

I was so fucking juiced. I took down the number of the rental company handling the property. Sitting there wondering what ever happened to Sister Fritzy I called Ra’Nee at the shop I called Dr. Richards at work. She usually didn’t answer her cellphone when she’s at work. But, it seem that I was an exception. “I’m at work,” Dr. Richards answered sounding stressed.

“I know,” I said. “Are you busy?”

“I’m in with a patient,” she responded and I could hear her voice lighten a bit.

“Then why’d you answer?” I asked laughing. I could really imagine her ass sitting in her office with one of the nuts at the hospital waiting for her to get done with her personal call.

“What kind of question is that?” Dr. Richards asked.

“True,” I laughed knowing exactly why she answered my call. Shit, knowing me I was calling her after killing someone again. “Wel—” my line beeped and it was Ra’Nee. “Ra’Nee is calling me. Call me when you get a minute. I think I found a place and I wanted to talk to you about it.”

“Oh, okay,” she said. “Well, I’ll call you after—”

“Just call me when you get home,” I said. “Love you.”

“I love you too,” Dr. Richards said and I clicked over.

“Gurl!” I yelled into the phone excitedly. “I think I just found the perfect place.” “What?” Ra’Nee yelled into the phone.

“Simply Shi’s Too!,” I said. “I think I found a location for the shop bitch.”

“Oh, is it outside my house or on the way or something?” Ra’Nee asked sounding confused.

“No?” I laughed at her goofy ass wondering what she was getting at. “It’s in East Palo Alto.”

“Oh,” she said lapsing into silence.

“Yeah,” I laughed. “Why?”

“Well if you ever brought yo’ happy ass to work or answered my texts, you’d remember that we were supposed to be going shopping today,” Ra’Nee snapped.

“Huh?” I said scratching my head and staring out the back window at the traffic moving alone Newbridge.

“Bitch we been sitting her’ lookin’ out the window waiting for yo’ ass and you ain’t even on yo’ way?” Ra’Nee yelled.

And it all hit me. We were supposed to go shopping for Halloween costumes for her birthday. She was renting a party bus on Halloween to take us around the City clubbin’.

“You ain’t shit bitch,” she said and I felt bad.


Someone blew a horn behind me scaring the shit out of me. I looked back and saw a little blue car with peeling paint taking off after holding up traffic. Turning back around in my seat I looked down at the time. It was only eleven thirty.

“I am so sorry Nee—”

“I know bitch,” she yelled.

“Well fuck yo’ apology then,” I snapped. “I’ll be there in an hour.”

And I hung the fuck up on her ass.

Chapter 6

I went home, took a hoe bath and got dressed in some skinnies and a tee.

And I was out.

I made it to Richmond in forty-five minutes and Ra’Nee, Diamond, Bey-Bey and I were at Hilltop Mall jumping from store to store, five minutes later. I spent half the time strolling behind them texting Josh in my own little world.

Until we got to Basic Plus. There wasn’t nothing in Basic Plus me or Bey-Bey couldn’t fit. But Bey-Bey was making the most of it by helping Ra’Nee and Diamond-who was only in there because her ass was Basic Plus size.

I hated shopping with them because these bitches budget shopped and long gone were the days of budget shopping for me. And I never wanted to be ‘That Rich Friend’. The friend that made them feel comfortable leaving their wallets behind. Naw, I wasn’t that friend though I could have been.

Not like it would have been my money I was spending.

I was staring at some feathered earrings I knew Diamond would like and I couldn’t help but wonder how much Ra’Nee knew about me. I mean, like really. That was my bish and all but the only thing she really knew about me was that I was married to Spin.

I mean, maybe she’d heard about the whispers and rumors, but we never sat down and talked about it. You know, like girls. I mean, Vicky knew all about the money I started to steal and hide from Spin.

And had the bitch not vanished when Spin went down she would have known about the Free Spin Legal Fund that helped finance a man hunt for her ass that went into Africa.

I guess it’s because Ra’Nee was my employee and that’s how she started. She came to work for me in my legit hair shop where as Diamond helped me get there.

Also By Jasheem Wilson

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