She Was a Friend of Mine 5:Death Pool(7)

By: Jasheem Wilson

“She right there,” I heard Lance’s voice sounding a little confused. “Bey-Bey.”

And I heard the fucking mic drop as I stood up unable to believe my fucking ears.

Chapter 7

Regardless of how they met and why, it all made me uncomfortable. Lance was a fucking creep and for all I knew he was using Bae to get to me. I mean, would you put it passed his ass?

During the uncomfortable ride home I had to figure out a way to explain Lance to Bae.

I told her the truth for the most part. I mean, we met on, we went on a few dates which never led to anything other than a thank you. Shit, the most contact we’ve had was holding hands and the closest to sex was a kiss on the cheek.

“I don’t know, he just gave me the brother vibe,” I told Bae from my spot next to her in the backseat. “He’s not a bad guy. I just couldn’t see myself with him.”

Bae nodded but I could tell she had more questions. Questions I was sure she wasn’t asking because I was her boss rather than anything else. I knew I wasn’t doing a good job in convincing her that Lance was a cool dude but, I didn’t know what else to do. I mean, I was already lying by omitting the fact that the nigga seem to be a stalker.

“Look, I sent him the text girl,” I told Bae and Ra’Nee and Diamond laughed.

“Bitch you wrong,” Ra’Nee said. “Now the bitch gone be ducking and dodging him for the rest of her life. Shit, she might stop coming to work again.”

We all laughed including Bae. And the laugh was just what we needed to clear the uncomfortable air in the car.

“Naw, fahreal Bae,” I said taking control of the conversation again. “He a good one. I mean, the nigga the branch manager at Wellsfargo in the City and all he do is talk about his kids. Shit, a few times I had to cancel our dates because his ass was ready to bring his kids with him. So, I think he really a good father,” I explained with a smile. But when I looked up at her she wasn’t smiling. “What?”

“Shit, if you don’t fuck ‘um I will,” Ra’Nee laughed with Diamond.

I smiled but not Bey-Bey. She looked out the window.


“He got kids?” Bey-Bey asked.

“Yeah,” I smiled.

“How do you? Have you seen them?”

“Well, he always talk about them,” I said feeling like I had put my foot in my mouth. “Why?”

“It’s just he told me he didn’t have any kids,” Bey-Bey said. I was stuck. I mean, why would he tell me-someone who doesn’t have children-that he had children and tell Bey-Bey-who got two kids-that he don’t? I opened my mouth to say something though I had no idea what I was going to say when Bey-Bey added, “And he works at Chase in Newark.”

That closed my mouth and shut me the fuck up.

What the fuck? I thought wondering who exactly he was lying to. Me or Bae?

“Bitch she don’t want yo’ weak ass nigga,” Ra’Nee yelled over the music at Bey-Bey. And my fucking heart stopped. Leave it to Ra’Nee Rip the Band-Aid Off Sutherland to not give a damn about a bitch’s feelings. I wanted to say something but Ra’Nee was still going. “She had him already and don’t want him. That is her trash and yo’ treasure so, make like the cleanup woman bitch. And don’t feel bad about shit because we know the kind of rough unemployed niggas this bitch like to support. She want the type of nigga that she gottah shot because he popped her ass for fucking up his eggs. Like the nigga I gave her in Jamaica.” The car erupted in laughter and I had to admit I fucking loved Ra’Nee’s special ass. She always had a way of putting you in yo’ place and making you laugh at the same time. This was the only bitch I knew that could make you laugh at yo’self. “Truth be told, she hiding from his ass because she lied and told him she had a fiance in Iraq—”

“Ra’Nee!” I yelled wondering how her nosey ass knew that. I hadn’t told anyone exactly what I said to break it off with him.

“Bitch, if you didn’t want anyone to know then you shoulda deleted the messages out yo’ phone,” Ra’Nee said causing everyone but me to laugh. I turned to look out the window making a mental note to change my passcode as soon as I was alone in my car. “Now Bae, before this bitch try and use it as an excuse, tell yo’ man he gone have to sit this one out.”

I hated Ra’nee, the bitch knew me all too well.

“Don’t worr, I’ll tell him it’s girls night,” Bey-Bey said in her small voice. “I wasn’t going to invite his ass anyway. I’m trying to get my freak on.”

“Oooo, gurl!” Diamond said from the driver’s seat.

“Good, you heard that Shi?” Ra’Nee asked turning around in her seat. “Now you ain’t got no excuse not to come.”

Chapter 8

Then why was I still nervous as hell?

Though Lance had me freaked the fuck out, I still let Ra’Nee bully me into going out with them on a Party Bus to the City. Yea, sure the Party Bus we were on was invitation only but I doubted the clubs in the city were the same. All Lance needed to do was follow Bae to the Party Bus and then the bus to the club.

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