She Was a Friend of Mine 5:Death Pool(8)

By: Jasheem Wilson

But it wasn’t just Lance that had me not wanting to go. No, there was so much more to it. I mean I hadn’t been on the scene in a long time and I felt some type of way just popping back up. Sure, I’d been out a few times with the girls after I got back from Jamaica but that was always on some grown and sexy hype.

We would go to different types of dimly lit lounges, we went wine tasting and shit like that. I’d never really been in the streets like that, even when I was, I wasn’t. When I was a drug dealer, King was the one grindin’ in the streets. When I was a Madame, Diamond and the girls were out there rippin’ and runnin’. I could count the amount of times that I’d actually been out in the streets on one of my hands.

Shit, my name was out there more than me. And if it wasn’t from the drugs and women I sold then it most definitely was when I got involved with Spin.

And though I was sure I was old news, I still didn’t feel like going.

I spent more time trying to figure out an excuse for why I couldn’t go than on my costume. I was one step away from faking sick, but Ra’Nee was one step ahead of me.

This bitch done got ahold of Josh and invited him. And Josh told her he wouldn’t miss it for the world.

So, I was stuck.

I just kept trying to tell myself that it was all in my head. Lance, people out looking for me. I was old news. Besides it’s not like anyone really knew what went on inside of our marriage like that. I mean, I am sure Spin never talked about Wifey. That’s not what men did, they talked about hoes, sluts, THOTS, tramps but not Wifey. No matter what they were doing they held whoever had that title at a very high standard.

And according to Diamond who I was sure was not just trying to cheer me up, the word on the street was still out on me. No one knew for sure what happened. From what Diamond told me the word on the street was a mixture of what people read in or heard on the news and personal opinion from people who couldn’t have been further from our marriage.

Diamond told me that there were a few discussions held at the shop when it first happened. She said all the stories had a few things in common. They all knew that Spin went to jail, some people said it was because I snitched, some said he was just doing it too big. Regardless, he was put away. They seem to know who his lawyers were and that they’d gotten him out on appeal. After he was release, the word was Spin tracked me down, found me caked up with another man and went crazy. They were right when they said he’d kidnapped me but it wasn’t a hostage negotiation gone bad that resulted in me being shot in the head and Spin’s death.

Though my memory was sketchy when it came to the person who shop me, I knew for a fact it wasn’t Spin. No, Vicky had killed him right before she’d pumped a bullet into the back of my head.

No, no one reported that and no one said a word about Vicky. I guess because she was dead after all.

No, no one, not even the media knew what happened that night. No one except for a woman that was supposed to be dead. A woman that had vanished into thin air after that night. Shit, some of the papers reported that I was dead. And after a few months there were reports that I was a vegetable and that the doctors said I wouldn’t wake up. I’d even got to see an old copy of a tabloid that I had no brain activity at all. It was all crazy the things people assumed and wrote about. Shit, my Facebook page was lit with people requesting to be my friend and making my name trend.

However, the only thing people seem to get right was the fact that Spin and King were dead.

But, that was my past. It was all in my past. My past that I could not let keep holding me back. I couldn’t use my past as an excuse not to go out. I mean, it wasn’t like I was hiding from anyone; anyone dangerous that is. No, they were all either dead or in prison for a long, long time.

Besides, like I’d said so many times before. I was no longer running from my problems. No, I was going to face them head on.

Unbeknownst to me, I was going to receive my first test in just a few days.

Chapter 9

Boo had gotten the ball rolling.

It wasn’t fair to her. After contacting Spin’s other baby’s mothers Ta’jay and Carmen’s mother, she found out they were doing just as bad as she. So, ignoring the laughs of her friends she went down to the court house and filed the paperwork for Child Support.

She knew her case was a little different but she didn’t see why her child’s father’s wife should be taken care of but not his child?

It didn’t take long for Boo to be sat in front of a social worker to tell her side. The large black woman named Mrs. Falicia sat silently listening to Boo. There were times when Boo was sure the woman was going to stop but Boo wouldn’t let her interrupt. Boo started talking faster and faster sometimes tripping over her words as she tried to get the entire story out.

“I’m going to be real with you,” Mrs. Falicia said after Boo finished talking. She was amazed and though she knew it wasn’t right, she didn’t know what she would be able to do. But, she felt for her. “I’m afraid this might be a civil matter, but—” Mrs. Falicia said ‘but’ loudly to stop Boo from interrupting her. It worked. Boo bit her tongue as the woman finished, “I can try and file the paperwork. I agree with you honey, his baby should be taken care of before his wife.”

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