She Was a Friend of Mine 5:Death Pool(9)

By: Jasheem Wilson

“Right,” Boo agreed. “It’s just not fair.”

“Well honey, the law ain’t fair honey,” Mrs. Falicia explained. Standing up she looked at Boo as if thinking of something she hadn’t thought of before. “But before you leave, let me run this by my boss. You know, to set the expectations.”

Boo sat out in the lobby for nearly an hour before Mrs. Falicia returned. This time she came back with her boss.

“Roeschelle, I am Patricia,” the white woman said introducing herself. “Mrs. Falicia just told my about your unique situation. If you would step back to my office with me, I think we might be able to help you.”

Chapter 10

Sitting on the edge of the king size bed Sasha Mills rubbed her belly and smiled. Five years ago, hell two years ago she would have never thought she’d be this happy. She never thought she’d be pregnant and looking forward to the birth of her baby. Though she would have never wanted it, she always thought she’d be a single mother.

Never in a million years did she think she’d meet a man like Corban Mills.

Never did Sasha think she’d get a Fairy Tale ending.

No not her. She wasn’t supposed to find her Prince Charming and be swept off her feet.

And it was all because of Shi. From the moment she met Shi, she knew her life was going to change for the better.

And it had.

It was Shi who unknowingly put Corban on her client list eight years ago.

And from the moment she met Corban she knew there was something there.

And staring down at her wedding ring she smiled, happy to that yet another one of her feelings was right.

Married for a year she never thought she could be any happier. Until she found out they were starting a family and not only having one baby, but two.

“Trying to sneak up on me—”

The smile faded from her face and she grabbed tight to the twins in her stomach. Standing thirty feet away in the door frame was a woman Sasha wasn’t fully sure was a woman. She had a thin frame clad in all black. Her hard face, high cheekbones and tight eyes gave her an exotic look. The short bob she had famed her thin face perfectly.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Sasha stuttered backing further up onto the bed. Her heart was pounding hard against the inside of her chest.

She wasn’t stupid, she knew what was going on. They were being robbed. They just wanted money. She’d been robbed before. It happened more often than not when you were in her line of work.

The woman started to take off her black gloves to reveal lime green finger nails.

Sasha swallowed hard before she said, “Take whatever you want. We have a safe with ten thousand dollars in the closet. The combination is twenty twelve.”

The woman smiled a bright smile as she slowly started to walk towards the bed. Her booted feet made Sasha jump with every step.

“The closet is over there, please don’t hurt me. I’m pregnant and please we have money,” Sasha pleaded as the robber got closer and closer to the bed. The dim glow of the light in the room made the woman’s strong face look demonic. “Please, please, we have money. My husband will be back and minute and—”

“Shhh,” the woman said slowly easing onto the edge of the bed. “Pas besoin de pleurer maman.”

Though Sasha understood her mother’s language her tears did not stop. The deep feminine voice was not much comfort.

“Je suis Louise,” Louise said in a deep vibrating whisper.

“Qu’est-ce que tu veux?” Sasha asked hoping her switch to Creole would come in handy.

Smiling Louise said in a heavily French accent, “Scheyenne.”

“What?” Sasha asked confused. It took her a second to think. Did she say Scheyenne? Sasha wondered as Louise fixed her lips to repeat herself.

But before a word came out the opening and closing of a door echoed through the large apartment.

“Babe!” Corban yelled like he normally did when he walked into the house. “Good news.”

Sasha felt a wave of relief at the sound of his deep baritone.

She and Louise made eye contact. Louise smiled patiently; wickedly at Sasha.

Sasha quickly jumped off the side of the bed and started screaming for her husband.

“We’re being robbed! Help! Corban HELP! She’s in here!”

The sound of Corban running through the house came immediately as he called for her. It took him less than ten seconds to burst into the room face red and flush.

“What the hell’s going on?” Corban’s deep voice rumbled as his blue eyes scanned the room. There was a mix or rage and fear in his eyes as he stared at his wife and the stranger in black sitting on his bed, back facing him.

“Get her—” Sasha stopped midsentence and her eyes grew wide.

From what she could see, the blade and the hand came out of the air and slowly made its way across Corban’s throat. She watched on, frozen in fear as blood ran down his white button up and stained the hands trying to hold his neck.

He made an attempt to speak before. The only thing which came out was a gurgling sound.

As Corban’s gasps for air fell silent Sasha looked up. She was shaking as she saw the woman standing over Corban’s body. Sasha was shaking so back that her knees were buckling as she stared between both identical faces.

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