She Was a Friend of Mine 5:Death Pool(95)

By: Jasheem Wilson

Chapter 119

It was Swift’s birthday and he had a fucking ball at Sweet Jimmy’s. No Fury came out in full force, and they bought out the VIP and the bar. Swift’s birthday celebration, also served as a double celebration of No Fury. They had made it, started from the bottom and now they were there.

The club ended at two thirty, but no one left until four. After a good hour of drunk parking lot pimpin’, Swift found himself a set of twins he was taking home for his birthday.

“Let us just go find our friend and tell her we leaving,” Jennifer said, speaking for both of them. Something she’d been doing the entire time Swift approached their fine asses. “Wait, can she come? Do you have a friend for her? Yeah, you do, find someone in your party to chill with Ester.”

Ester? Swift thought, trying not to screw up his face. He looked around for anyone that was there with him. “A’ight,” he said. “But hurry up. We gon’ be in the Jag,” he said, pulling out the keys and hitting the alarm to open the car.

“Okay,” Jennifer and Jenna said at the same time.

Swift smiled as he watched the dark twins walk away.

“Fuck!” he said, looking around for someone to keep her friend company.

“Jay! Jay! Come ‘ere,” he called the first person from No Fury he could recognize in the parking lot full of people.

Jay walked his skinny, dark self over. His fishing hat hung on his head. “What’s up, zoom?” Jay laughed.

“Aye, look, it’s these twins right, and they said I could have ‘em both, right,” Swift said before taking a sip of the bottle of Grey Goose he’d walked out of the club with. “But, I need someone to babysit her friend.”

“What nigga?” Jay laughed. “That sound like some old school pimp shit.”

“Naw, they bad, bruh, maybe I’ll keep Ester’s ass company and give you a go with them,” Swift said. “I just ain’t never had twins before, come on, it’s my birthday.”

“Wait, you said Ester? You talking ‘bout the twins, Jenna and Jennifer?”

“Yeah,” Swift said, whistling.

“Hell naw,” he laughed going back to join his group. “Tell them girls stop trying to pawn that mud duck off on people.”

“Fuck you, mayne,” Swift yelled, looking around. He was horny and he wanted the twins. Swift took another sip of his drank and was about to throw the rest of the Grey Goose in frustration, when Sick-Wit-It’s big ass walked out of the club looking nervous.

“Aye!” Swift screamed, getting several people to look his way. “Wit-It,” he called, waving his hands.

Sick-Wit-It looked confused, and Swift knew why; he didn’t fuck with that cat. He would though, if it would get him a shot with the twins.

“I need a favor,” Swift told Sick-Wit-It. He directed him towards his car, because the nigga was not going to say no. He do, and I’ll shoot his ass, Swift thought, taking another drink. “I’m tryin’ to smash these twins, bruh, but they don’t want to leave they friend. I need you to come with us back to the crib and keep her company for a little. You know, maybe get your dick sucked or something. Shit, do this and I might let you watch the twins, have you seen them?”

Sick-Wit-It had been nodding since he started talking to him.

“A’ight nigga, let’s go,” Swift said, walking to the red Jag with mirror tints. Swift looked around for the twins. “The door open, bruh.”

Sick-Wit-It looked down and opened the door. “Oh, okay,” he said, getting into the car. The car started rocking when the car door closed and Swift shook his head as he thought, fat nigga.

He saw the twins step out of the club with their “two friends wrapped into one”, Ester.

Swift’s eyes got big; he didn’t know if his car was going to be big enough for Ester. The twins saw him and waved as they came over.

“Yes,” he said, opening his door. “Aye, With-It,” he said, getting in and closing the door. “You got your car, bec—”

Swift screamed and dropped his bottle. Sick-Wit-It was sitting with his head back and to the side. His throat had been cut and blood was all over his car.

“You should always remember to lock your doors,” Swift heard and looked towards the backseat as a gun cocked.

“Now, I heard you been looking for me,” Rod smiled, pointing a gun at Swift from the backseat.

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