She Was a Friend of Mine 5:Death Pool

By: Jasheem Wilson



The shots echoed through Vicky’s head, until the ringing in her ears became unbearable. Grabbing for her ears, she opened her eyes and then immediately closed them. The bright florescent lights overhead, accompanied with the ringing in her ears, gave her a splitting headache.

Moaning, she rolled into the fetal position. Where am I?


Vicky grabbed her ears and held on tight. She knew she was on the floor, but didn’t know where or why. She could hear someone screaming somewhere near her.

What the hell’s going on?


Vicky jumped at the sound, squeezing her ears tightly. Scared and sore, she loosened her grip over her ears as she began to remember her mission.

Keep Scheyenne alive and get enough to put Spencer away for good. “Tie up all loose ends, no loopholes,” Barry had explained to her on multiple occasions.

Shi? She hoarsely called out, “Shi!”

Vicky shook her head and grabbed her sore jaw as she pushed herself up. Before she stood up as straight as her aching body would let her, she grabbed the .22 strapped to her ankle. Her head was clearing. Wiping the blood from her eyes, Vicky looked around.

Shi’s back was to her. She was standing over Spencer, whose screams were blood chilling. Vicky stood on weak and wobbly legs as Shi shot Spencer again.


His screams were becoming more intense.

Trying to ignore the stabbing pain in her stomach every time she breathed, Vicky watched as Shi shot him again.


She was supposed to bring him in alive. “That way the state can kill him,” Barry had told her. However, Vicky didn’t care. Shi could kill him; she deserves to kill him after what he’s done. He deserved it.

The man took everything from her, from them.

He’d not only taken Shi’s family from her, but from them both. Moreover, because of the loss of her family, Shi was forever lost.

Vicky looked at the man who’d taken her best friend: the innocent girl, her family, her sister. Vicky found herself in a situation where she and Shi’s friendship might be lost forever.

How do I begin to explain? Will she believe me? Would she ever trust me again?

Tears stung Vicky’s eyes as the reality of it all sunk in. Vicky began to think of the times she’d let him touch her, the times he defiled her.

She did it all for Shi. She only accepted the offer, because she wanted Shi to have somewhere to come home to. She wanted her to have a place to call home, and she wanted to take care of her best friend.

“…kill me, just do it. I swear if you don’t kill me…” Spencer screamed up at Shi as she slowly raised the gun in her hand and aimed for his head.

The tears burned their way down Vicky’s face as hatred took hold of her. Shi’s finger curled around the trigger, but before she could shoot, Vicky had already pulled hers.


Spencer’s body jerked after the bullet flew into his chest.

Shi was frozen and Vicky knew that if she didn’t move fast, Shi would kill her. Vicky had no idea how many bullets were left in the gun and didn’t want to gamble.

Shi turned around slowly and Vicky quickly lifted her gun back up. She aimed for Shi’s head, knowing she wouldn’t shoot her and hoping Shi didn’t know that.

“Drop it!” Vicky said, never taking her eyes off Shi.

Shi tossed the gun to the side. It bounced off Spencer’s body and then hit the floor with a loud clatter.

Vicky quickly rushed forward and turned Shi around. Every muscle in her body was screaming as she did so. She put her gun to the back of Shi’s head, hoping it would deter her from trying anything. Vicky made fast work of kicking Shi’s legs apart and frisking her.

Sorry girl, I’ll explain later, Vicky thought. Right after I make sure that you’re not armed.

Vicky hoped they’d be able to talk after she called it in. They could talk while they waited for Gwen and the FBI to arrive.

“You don’t know how to use that,” Shi spat out. Vicky stalled. She hoped Shi didn’t believe that; she didn’t want her to try to do anything. “You won’t shoot me.”

Vicky swallowed hard and then tried to laugh. The nervousness in her laugh was noticeable, if not to a stranger, most definitely to her best friend. Trying to add a bit of confidence to her laughter Vicky said, “Oh yeah—”


Vicky jumped back as she watched Shi’s body fall to the ground. Everything was moving in slow motion. Her breathing was shallow and she could hear her heart beating in her ears. She turned to see Spencer’s head struggling to stay up, and the gun Shi had thrown away gripped in his hand.

Understanding, Vicky lifted her .22 without another thought and emptied it into Spencer.

“Shi! Shi!” Vicky yelled, almost ripping her shirt off. She ripped off a large piece of the front of her shirt as she fell to the ground next to Shi. She pressed the piece of cloth to the bloodied part of Shi’s head.

Panicked and shaking, she checked Shi’s pulse; it was weak.

“Shi, please don’t do this, don’t you dare do this to me. Fight Shi… fight mami. Fight!” Vicky cried as she reached for the little transmitter in her pocket. She pressed the only button it had.

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