Sinful Cravings

By: Annie Nicholas

Lake City Stories Book Two

Chapter One

Day two of my cycle

The necessity to create energy from sex drove my people to live unconventional lives. Not many understood the power of our urge. Vampires with their blood lust did and human drug addicts would. I’d describe my succubus feeding cycle as a soul squashing compulsion. Others of my race would call it a power inducing high.

“How about next month?” Samantha, my birth mother, tapped her French manicured fingernail on the rim of my cup. A frown marred her beautiful face, which hadn’t aged a day since her twenties.

I jerked my dreamy gaze from the blanket of snow covering the garden outside the window.

She’d seemed so distracted during dinner but now pinned me with a hawk’s glare.

“For what?” A spa day? That would be nice. We hadn’t done anything fun in a long time. I could use a deep tissue massage and a full body wrap.

Fading sunlight poured through the open windows, painting the room shades of orange. I took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of her fresh coffee.

Mouth thin, Val made a sharp noise of frustration next to me and leaned away from the table. Hair the color of the midnight skies curled loosely around his ears. When the sun hit it just right, I could spot his blue highlights. He crossed his arms over his broad chest, refusing to meet my confused stare.

“What did I do now?” He’d been so grumpy all week, worse than my sister Rose when she was on a diet. Maybe he wasn’t use to the cold weather. He was from New Orleans after all.

“See what I mean?” Abruptly, he thrust to a stand, sending the chair slamming backward into the wall, and stalked out the door toward the gardens without his jacket.

Gaping, I twisted to face my mom. “Why is he so mad?” I thought men in general incomprehensible but my incubus fiancé perplexed me on whole other level. I couldn’t pass wind without him snapping at me lately.

My mom’s gaze stayed focused on the door where Val left but patted my hand absentmindedly. “You need to stop putting off your engagement party.” She faced me and whispered. “People are starting to talk.”

“I’m not putting it off.” I whispered back and gave her my best innocent expression.

“Stop fluttering your eyelashes and listen to me.” Her tone grew stern. Darn it. That look always worked on my father. Speaking of which…

“Where’s dad? Every time I come over lately he’s gone.”

“Never mind your father.” She gave my hand a sharp little slap.

I snatched it away. “Ouch.” None of my three mothers had ever hit me. I eyed her. “Is it your day three?” Because I knew I could be pretty bitchy when I grew hungry. My mom probably needed to get laid.

Like most compulsions, lust could drive succubi to do drastic things. Every three days, we had to orgasm to create the energy our race survived on. So we couldn’t even live off bad sex. If a succubus didn’t feed on schedule, her demonic nature took over. Then she could be found humping some schmuck in an alley. May that never happen again.

“No, it’s not my day three.” Mom tucked her blonde hair behind her ears. “And your father’s been busy. I heard the Bellario Hotel can accommodate the party next—”

“What’s he working on?” My father ran the charm of incubi and succubi of Lake City but he’d always had time for family.

My other mothers, Estelle and Margie, swept into the kitchen. Margie’s eyes were bloodshot as if she’d been crying. She held a crumpled tissue in her hand. Neither had been present during dinner.

I hurried to my feet and pulled Margie into my arms. She might not have given birth to me but the three of them loved me as if I’d come from their collective womb. “Mama M, what’s wrong?”

She dabbed the corner of her eye. “I’m fine. I’m being silly.” Yet, she squeezed me against her as if afraid to let me go.

Estelle went into cupboard area of the kitchen. She searched behind the baking ingredients and returned to the table with a bottle of brandy, pouring some in a cup with her coffee. She offered the bottle to Sam who nodded. I’d never seen her drink alcohol except at parties. What the hell?

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