Smolder:A Devil Chaser's MC Romance(6)

By: L. Wilder & Brooke Asher

I clinched my fists as I became consumed with anger. Sheppard noticed that I was losing control, so he stepped closer to me and tried to calm me down.

He leaned over to me and whispered calmly, “We need to go see if Taylor’s okay. I’ll come back and talk to the neighbor in the morning.” He turned to her and asked, “You mind if I come back tomorrow and ask you a few questions? It’s important that we know who we’re dealing with.”

“That would be fine, dear. You come by anytime. I’ll be here.”

On the way to the hospital, I was overcome with guilt. I’d let Ace down again. I should’ve been there when he made that delivery a few months back. He was my best friend, and he might’ve still been here if I’d been there to help. Now, his sister was hurt because I hadn’t taken the time to go check on her. I should’ve come to see what was wrong. Maybe this wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t such a selfish asshole. What was I thinking?

I couldn’t imagine who’d ever think about hurting Taylor. She’d always been softhearted, but she never took shit off of anyone. Now I knew why she’d been trying to get away from here for a while. Some asshole was giving her trouble, and he was going to regret it. He’d better hope she’s okay.

When we finally made it to the hospital, the nurses wouldn’t let me go back to see Taylor. They bitched because it was after midnight and visiting hours were over or some bullshit like that. I tried to bully my way through, but they weren’t having it. One heavyset nurse threatened to call the police if I didn’t leave. I wasn’t happy about leaving the hospital without knowing if she was okay, but they didn’t leave me much choice. I’d have to come back first thing in the morning and figure out what the hell was going on.

Chapter 2


The sound of Renegade’s voice echoed down the hall. I could hear him shouting at the nurses, demanding to see me. Thankfully, they stood their ground and wouldn’t let him in. It was way past visiting hours, and they told him he had to come back in the morning. God, I didn’t want him to see me like this. I’m sure my face looks like I was on the losing end of a bar fight, and this cast is a total nuisance. He’s going to freak right on out when he sees what Gage did to me.

I knew things were getting bad for us, but I never thought he’d actually hurt me. I’d gotten in his face several times over the past few months, and he’d never even flinched. I just didn’t think he was the type to lose his temper like he did, but when he saw that I was packing to leave, he totally lost it. I’ve never seen a man with such fury in his eyes. It was like he wasn’t even the same person.

I was shocked when he backhanded me across the face. I could feel the flesh break around my cheekbone as it swelled from the impact. I just stood there in shock. What the hell was I thinking? Why didn’t I run? Or grab something to hit him with? I just couldn’t believe he’d actually hit me. When he grabbed my arm, I tried to pull away, but he was just too damn strong. The one thing that I’d thought was so sexy about him, ended up scaring the living shit out of me. I screamed at him to let me go, but he just laughed at me. The asshole laughed at me. He began shouting and told me that I would never leave him. He kept shouting that I was his, and he wasn’t going to let me go. It was like I wasn’t even a real person to him. I was his possession. He twisted my arm behind my back, and I felt the bone snap as he pulled harder. I dropped to my knees, pleading for him to let me go.

I never believed that I would be one of those women that would be abused by a man. I just thought it wouldn’t ever happen to me. Damn, I was so stupid. All those little warning signs came flashing through my mind as he started to hit and kick me after I fell to the floor.

For one, he never left my side when we were at his clubhouse. I thought he was being sweet, but now I realize he was trying to control me. He just wanted to make sure I didn’t stray too far. Then, he’d ask to see my phone to call one of his guys, but now I think he was just checking to see who I’d been talking to. That’s the only way he would have known I’d called Renegade. I’d realized early on that I couldn’t even mention Ren’s name without him getting all defensive about it. Gage always bad mouthed him and told me to stay away from him and the club. He said the Devil Chasers were bad news, and they were the reason Ace was dead. I hate to admit that I’d agreed with him at the time, but I was just missing Ace. I blamed them for not being there when he’d needed them.

Also By L. Wilder & Brooke Asher

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