Smolder:A Devil Chaser's MC Romance(8)

By: L. Wilder & Brooke Asher

“Ummm…. No. That’s not gonna happen. I don’t want a bunch of girlie shit all around my house. I can just imagine how many damn throw pillows you’d have scattered around the place. No way.”

“Really? Throw pillows? That’s not my style, Ren. You never know. I might just surprise you.”

He gave me a curious look and said, “You surprise me all the time, Taylor.”

I rested my head on his shoulder as we watched the sun set. I loved being close to him. He was so strong and always made me feel safe. He never judged me and accepted me just the way I was. I knew I wasn’t like the girls he normally spent time with, but he always made me feel special. I had grown to love him over the past few years, and I hoped one day that he would feel the same way about me. It was a perfect night and the perfect place. I decided it was time to surprise him again.

I eased my way off the back of his bike and turned to face him. He had a serious look on his face as I placed my hands on the sides of his face. I gently pulled him closer to me as I brushed my lips across his. His hand wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer. The warmth of his body consumed me as he took control of the kiss. His lips were hard and demanding as he claimed my mouth. A deep growl vibrated through him when I opened my mouth and our tongues met. He grabbed the thick of my hair as he deepened the kiss. I began to suck his bottom lip and slowly eased my way between his legs. He was almost lost in his own need when reality came crashing down on us.

He released my hair and forced himself to pull away from me saying, “Taylor, we can’t do this. I knew better than this. I don’t know what I was thinking.” A worried look crossed his face as he looked at me and said, “We need to go.”

I stared at him with a raised eyebrow but never said a word. I simply made my way back onto the bike and waited for him to take me back home. I was disappointed that he’d stopped the kiss. I’d hoped that he would finally admit that he had feelings for me, but I knew there was no point in pushing him. When he made up his mind about something, there was no changing it. I would just have to keep my feelings to myself from now on, or I might lose him altogether.


With my eyes still closed, I could feel the warmth of the morning sun on my face. I dreaded facing the day. I was just about to open my eyes when I felt tingles creep over my body. Damn it. He’s already here. The room was filled with his scent. He always smelled like a mix of cologne, leather, and sex. My heart was practically beating out of my chest just knowing he was in the same room. I wondered how long I could lay there and pretend to be asleep. I wasn’t ready to face him. What the hell was I going to say to him? He was going to be so disappointed in me for letting this happen. God, I bet I look like shit. I’m just going to keep my eyes closed and pray he goes away. Please, for the love of Pete, let him just go away.

Chapter 3


“I know you’re awake, Taylor,” I told her. I don’t know why she was trying to pretend that she was still asleep. She’d never been good at faking anything. Her eyelids have been twitching, and the monitor on the wall showed that her heart rate increased the minute she knew I was in the room.

“Are you seriously going to pretend that you’re still sleeping?” I asked as I walked over to the bed. It was hard to see her this way. Her face was swollen and bruised, and I was sure she’d have a hard time opening her eyes with all that swelling. Her arm was in a cast, and she had butterfly bandages on her cheek closing the deep cuts on her skin. Looking at her that way made the memories of my past come flooding back. The screams still echoed through my mind. That one moment changed my life forever, and I’d never be the same again. Just another reminder that I’d never be good enough for someone like Taylor. I’d help her because she’s Ace’s sister, and it’s the right thing to do. As much as I wanted to make her mine, I’d have to keep my distance.

Taylor’s bruised and swollen face fueled my anger. It was more than I could take. She looked so frail and vulnerable. I was going to fucking kill whoever did this to her.

I leaned down and whispered into her ear, “That’s fine, Tay. If you want to play possum, I’ll let ya, but you’ve gotta wake up sometime. And when you do, we’re gonna talk about the guy that did this to you. I’m going to keep you safe.”

Also By L. Wilder & Brooke Asher

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